Wakey steal on amozon.de

Have you ever heard about “senile bed escape”?
I dont need any alarm clocks! :rofl:

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Everyone needs a Wakey.
It’s a radio, alarm clock, charger, speaker and most importantly a damn good night light, Lumi stand aside :joy:

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Okay so now its available in black! Now i am interested, but is the light still too bright?

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I prefer the black finish.
The button symbols stand out better.

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Yep!!! That is why I am interested now!

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I can recommend it. I have one myself, reviewed it here if you’re interested.


I hope to see this on sale for Black Friday

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The black finish looks sweet :heart_eyes:

How about these colors?

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Not bad :+1:t2:
No wireless charger pad on top of those! :thinking:

This is an older mock up or the devices (pre release).

@Insider might know if these colors are still coming…

The older I get, the more I appreciate color. I used to prefer tech products to be black, white and grey. All neutral solid colors.

Then the other day I find myself ordering an orange icon mini. And I really want those colorful powerbanks- not to mention the green iPhone 11 Pro (I just love that color).

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Agree re colour.
Recently, think it was @Shenoy posted the Flare in red.
Love it, vibrant and interesting.
I think for Anker, colour is the new black :+1:t2:

I don’t like the red flare. It looks really weird.

I’m a huge fan of red electronics normally. I love the look of all the product red phones and such. But they flare just looks ugly to me.

I still want a red white and blue icon

I hope you’re listening @AnkerOfficial

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Amazon.co.uk has the festive gift set for £49.99 (red flare and case)
I think a bright yellow and green would also look good, stand out a treat on a summer BBQ’s and days on the beach.

Just looked up the orange Icon, looks a fun speaker.
Think it would benefit from the extra colours as you say.

3C62ECDB-75A4-4A2D-8BE8-7095934F698A I was referring to this :grin:. It’s the color and style of the American flag…

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Now that is cool!
@AnkerOfficial get on this for @TechMan
While your at it, I’ll have red, white and blue in the form of the Union Flag :+1:t2:

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Nice lil discount :muscle:t2:

I do find I always wake up before my alarm clock - kinda makes it redundant :joy::joy::joy:

I have no clue. There were supposed to be several Soundcore Flare colors… we didn’t end up getting all of them.

Anker often announced stuff without following through.

The new soundcore ad still showcased the flare colors… so perhaps they’re still coming?

Also still waiting on the blue icon mini…

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