Vote for the Name You Like Most 😎

I think of the movie “Orgasmo” whenever I hear Protecto :joy::joy::joy::joy:




Lol not anything new that we’ve seen. The prize is just too big for some to lose so they make multiple accounts to make sure they win. Similar happened in Soundcore community where this 1 person decided to create like 30 accounts within few hours

All those new accounts should be just removed from consideration tbh. Not fair for genuine people but easiest solution unless they can cross check IP address of all accounts here


This is gonna be tough, there are some good names on the list

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I think they should just ahve to make it to level 1 because if they are real people like family friends and stuff I say it’s fair game because that is spreading the word but if they make it to level one atleast they were somewhat active

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One person turns what could be a pure fun let the best win, into something dirty. I wish they’d not. I declared their 18 minutes of effort making new accounts and they stopped eventually.

Right let the best name win resume. Keep it light!

I quite like Wattson as it is related to the pioneers who figured out electricity.

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A super hero for brand should in some form try to incorporate the brand name (as much feasible)… Something like Mr. clean or McDonald is the clown / character for McDonald’s or Michelin Man for Michelin Company or Mr. Muscle or Kool Aid Man by Kool Aid And many more.

So let us wait on what is chosen by Popularity vote and Anker Team

Anker Man, Anker Guard, Captain Anker all have it in them.

But Protecto is winning for sure!!

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Wonder if Ankers winning name is on this as well or if they picked a different name.


Ooo interesting they could have a name chosen that isn’t on the list to prevent someone from wining twice

Good detective work :face_with_monocle:! Always that one person who always tries to scam the system. I feel better I didn’t vote for them lol.


Looks like so :joy:

This poll is one of the factors strip team & I will use to make the final decision, so we don’t know yet lol.

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Whoever mentioned the name first will be the winner :wink:


Thank you for the clarification !! :raised_hands:

Are you creating so much attention via the email bombing and long competitions you are then unable to close out competitions? Victim of ambition?

Either get more volunteers (expensive) or run competitions for shorter (easy) or stop mail bombing everyone over weeks to bring them back (but then why does a community exist?). I suggest just run shorter competitions so got less to judge on. Running on for weeks is causing you too much effort, my suggestion.

There’s this naming one and then this one has still over a week to stay open, way way beyond reasonable time for anyone genuinely interested to apply.


I like anker guard.

Hey @AnkerOfficial , when is the poll closing out? I don’t think I missed a mentioned date. Was just curious of when our friend here will have a new name :smiley:

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The original competition was Sept 11th til Sept 18th.

They’re swamped, victims of their own success, with testing, competitions, then on a break.

I’m not expecting anything to move forward til next week.

They are dipping in so not totally inactive.


My guess is once their holiday ends maybe a couple days after that if anything. Sure they are dipping in every now and then but probably just to make sure we haven’t destroyed the community :joy: hope everyone is having a great day

that may be true, but think about it from admin’s perspective. It may be required as part of the job to generate as much foot traffic as possible. Could be other people managing social media sites like Instagram for marketing and doing emails, I don’t think its just 1 person…but I do agree with your point.

Anyhow, whatever they’ve been doing is working quite well so far, but is this sustainable :thinking:

I think this is now the only outstanding need for @AnkerOfficial to make a selection.

The testers selected was the huge effort finished ahead of this.

I’d expect the two winners announced here

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