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Yea looks like holidays are the best time for business sales so everything is open and have some kind of sale (discount) starting a couple days before those holidays


it says here that colleges are closed on google


Well clearly University System of Georgia doesn't follow that :joy:. Would love to have a day off though


It says.... Many businesses, public school etc

So not all.


would have loved a day off :laughing: but have office,


I had to work today but luckily I'm off Monday


I got mine today :grinning: thanks @AnkerOfficial


Got it today. Thank you @AnkerOfficial !


Not sure when the will ship it out, I didn't get a confirmation email once I replied with my address.


They generally don't send a confirmation when we do that, only when the item has shipped. That's been my experience with the Power Draw & other giveaways. Since the social media winners were announced after the community winners, I'd guess we still have two or three weeks before we'll see anything.


Look what I recieved today.. My PowerPort C1 thanks anker!


nice! enjoy your PowerPort C1 :slight_smile:


Keep an eye on your email--I got a shipping notice today.


Wow that took a long time


@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical

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I'm following you!


I was definitely getting impatient--mostly wanted to know what I had won (PowerPort C1).


Congratulations on finally getting it :joy:. And enjoy the the charger!


Thank you, just after you sent this I got a tracking no, and it arrived today :slight_smile:


Thank you Anker, its so much smaller than I thought, but thats great, love the texture and colour, just in time for me as I have a new Switch and I purchased a PowerCore 10000 PD so this is great.

my instagram: raysportfolio


Nice, looking forward to your review :thumbsup: