USB-C to Micro & Lightning?

Any idea when Anker will be making cables that are USB-C to Micro & Lightning? Perferably the 1 foot braided nylon in black.

I plan to replace my Mac soon and USB-C is what they seem to use instead of standard USB 2/3. I still have a strong need for lightning and micro USB cables (headphones and iPhone). Using adaptors are not fun.

It all depends on when Apple gives the OK for companies to make them. @Jesse_Hernandez1 posted an article earlier this week that the certification could be coming soon, but who knows.


You probably wont see either tbh. Usb-c is more of a present and future tech, while micro and lightning are being phased out. Also, lightning and micro use a single power line and would be a waste when powering with a dual power system like USB-C

I understand micro being phased out, but lightning is still heavly used in Apple products and will be around for the next few years. I would bet at least 3-5 more years.

They are still workin to phase it all out. Since usb-c to lightning is happening now (provided you have an iphone 8 or newer) it may happen soon. But micro usb is legacy technology so thats probably a no for them.

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Hasn’t this already been discussed

I don’t know. Has it? If so, it’s been discussed again. Oh well!