UPDATED: Ultimate PowerCore Buying Guide (Mid-2019)

By the way that link to your YouTube channel on your profile isn’t working. Since I’m subbed it doesn’t matter for me, but others won’t be able to follow it :confused:

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Should be fixed now. I transferred my channel over to a new brand account, so it looks like I can’t claim a new custom URL for a month. For now, the tinyurl will suffice.

It’s still not working for some reason…

Strange… working on my end.

Oh i see. It is working… I was clicking the one in your website slot…

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Fixed, as well. Sorry about that.

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Nice review. Thanks for the quick rundown!

Lol this update makes it seem like it’s for members of the power user program :joy:.

Also several of the links underneath this category aren’t working…

Yep, PowerCore+ 19000 PD is not available on Amazon.de, Amazon.co.uk, or Amazon.fr, so they are not linked.

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Lol I was confused as well but looking into his profile I realized it was Joshua. At first I thought Anker hired or made a new profile to give info on their devices

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That was my first thought, but I knew it couldn’t already be at level 16 :joy:

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It’s gonna be a while before we hit that level :joy:

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Also I use the power core 20100 think that should been in there :joy:

I absolutely love my PowerCore Speed 20000 PD - take it everywhere with me in my work bag and frequently use it to power/charge my 13" MacBook Pro. definitely worth every penny!!

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I thought the same… the name is deceiving too…:joy:

PSA to everyone who is requesting their product to be added to the guide:

Please stop making recommendations for other people solely based on what you have! :rage: Just because you bought it does not mean you made a good decision, let alone that someone else should buy it. Do some research first. :triumph:


Sorry but it is a amazing power bank

“This message is @AnkerOfficial approved”

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Upon clarifying weight and dimensions with Anker support, I have changed my recommendation “For Budgeters” from PowerCore Lite 10000 to PowerCore Slim 10000.

Still waiting on Anker’s first portable charger with PowerIQ 3.0…

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