UK Powercore 10000 (non PD) £13.50

While not the PD version, which discounted is £19, this £13.50 is a genuinely low cost for 10Ah and supports Trickle charge mode.



Thats great deal for a midsized PowerCore.
Something like that would also be handy to power USB powered LED emergency/bedside lights.
Great share @professor

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I got your back,defender of discounts.



Nice, like it! :wink:

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I like the way you do these… Which app do you use to create these animations :blush:

Depends. I’m away from home and laptop, on laptop I use ffmpeg, so this was done online from phone using add text to gif, download the original, upload, crop, add text by frame.

Thank you for the information!!

Nice deal for additional 10K in your hand :ok_hand:

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Nice deal defender of discounts :shushing_face:

This discount is ending soon. It’s my recommendation for emergency overnight bag type situation, you’d not aim to use often as it has a slower recharge than the PD version which costs £19 discounted.

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