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People have very creative talents :joy::joy::joy:


Title: I love Anker! Amazing sound from Soundcore Liberty Neo

I own a ton of Anker products, speakers, power banks, micro USB, and USB type c cables. They’ve never let me down. I love this affordable Truely wireless headphones. I’m super impressed!


Like it :+1::+1::+1:


Too dark, hard to see what it is


Title: Feel the might of the SoundCore Pro!

Description: SoundCore Pro is an incredible speaker with 18 hours of play time and enhanced bass for in-door and outside listening. Portable design and splashproof allows you to do more with the incredible sound produced by the SoundCore Pro.


Title: Summer holiday powered by PowerCore 130000

Description: I never leave to a trip without my PowerCore 13000, this small powerbank fit in my pocket and keep my phone alive for several day, so my family can alway reach me and I never miss a chance to take a picture.


Title: Anker by the lake
Description: I always take my PowerCore 13000 with me for a trip. It’s compact size and power make me and a friend keep going for days.


Title: Listening to calming sounds whilst enjoying the views from Land’s End!

Description: Land’s End is one of the UK’s most famous landmarks due to being mainland Britain’s most south-westerly point. Sitting upon the 200ft high granite coastline taking in the breathtaking views was my favourite part of my family trip away last week along with listening to sweet music playing from my Soundcore Icon.

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Anker PowerPort II
Great charger with PD and USB-C ports. 30w and 18w respectively


What’s the closing date for this event? June 9th being stupid for not looking :joy:


Aw man, you missed this event by one day


Allready entered not to worry


Ok good :thumbsup:


I think this year is lacking entries, for one big reason… No real prize.


Even with a low number of entries I still have no chance :joy:


I totally forgot about this, I would have entered if I remembered


I forgot about this too. Hence why I posted my picture so late, oh well


I forgot too! waahhh :cry:

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