Thank you for paving the way. It’s our turn now

I am about 99% sure I know what it is based on the “No one would ever catch them”

I really want to throw it on here, but that takes away from the fun for everyone else lol

That’s it! Contest over… @Oggyboy wins it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So where are the extension leads, the pro, and well over half the products from Eufy, and the other brands?

Why almost nothing in UK Walmarts?

Why is Soundcore page only USA or German?

You got to do better than that lazy excuse for not bringing stuff to Europe.

Anything with the post closure and restoring?

Huh? I said I was ashamed of him like 20 second after he closed your post…

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Prob Anker said, let us waffle n chat off the official post???

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Got it, adding 1 + 1 … makes sense now :relaxed:

Thank you,

Good luck to those across the pond :muscle:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

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Good luck everyone :thumbsup:

Man I am going to feel silly. I understand what the mascots represent but the thought behind this campaign doesn’t make sense then if thats the case… lol

Keep the secret between you and me!:sunglasses:

Aww, just tell me :joy:. I’ll keep it a secret :joy:. No one else can see our PM’s… jk

It’s an open secret :joy: the picture itself answers all the questions

I guess I’m an idiot. I can’t figure it out :man_shrugging:

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I can actually post the actual surprise … But will keep it a secret :grin:

same. Guess no matter if you like android or apple sometimes everyone loses :joy:

*loses… I guess that’s what happens when you use android :man_shrugging:. :joy:

@Shenoy there’s no point in keeping secrets :grin:. We’re basically family here… you can’t keep secrets from family…

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:blush:100% agree … But what is Head of Family (@AnkerTechnical :joy::joy::joy: ) comes Back with a punishment or a time out for sharing the secret :rofl::rofl:

Better to ask forgiveness than permission

It’s this darn Macbook keyboard. Sometimes the buttons get stuck. lol :information_desk_person: