T shirt email went out



This is a new concept to me.... passing off my account to my children or grandchildren :joy:. So eventually they will be caught up with @AnkerOfficial :joy:


I've sent a message and no reply yet, still waiting. I think there was a hard date set and that is all she rode! I'll update y'all if I hear anything


I might lose mine to the missus as a nightshirt 🥴


I'll keep my fingers crossed for you bro :thumbsup:


@Ice1 I just got the link for the T-shirt! Filled it out and sooooooo very happy! Many thanks Anker!!! I'll be sporting Anker & representing like a big dawg!


Awesome man! :sunglasses:


@dicejedi Wow ! great to hear that. Congrats buddy ! :thumbsup:
So, that keeps my hopes alive, will send a message as soon as I get there. :upside_down:


I never got one. :unamused:


@JaimeNacole Once you reach level 7 you can always message AnkerOfficial and BAMMMM! just like that you'll get a Tee


Hey @ankerofficial @AnkerTechnical

Any news on the t-shirts being sent out?


Spring is coming!
There is a need of these shirts here as well!


I need myT-shirt :cry:


Be patient?
All good things are made, need to take a while to be finished well. :grin:


summer is coming. anker should make a white version aswell


If I'm not mistaken they said tshirts would be available after April


Fine, so there is hope!


I went out today in my shirts n t-shirt. Was such a nice day today


Yeah, If Anker wants free marketing, this is the time. Please don't send them next winter, no use :joy:


Here too Mac!
Was planting potatoes in the garden.

Not we, the "poor Germans" will starve.
But I like to see things growing and there is a plenty of unused area. :grin:

My wife is on her huge flower project now.
This is not my task and I am not allowed to make any influence! :joy:


When with the ex, she had a lovely garden always full of flowers.

I wasn't allowed to touch or even "weed", apparently... That's a plant not a weed? Who knew! ! ! HAHAHAHA

I just watered n fed everything... Better than the fucking soaps! lol (7pm to 9pm) but then I got to watch my programs.... Phew

I do miss a nice garden to relax in... At the flats there is no option to do this, not even a balcony either. :sleepy: But I have a better woman :grin: