T shirt email went out



This a real serious question.
The testament will be needed! :joy:


I’m stuffed then as I’m the only person in my family that is passionate about technology.
I’ll have to rope in some random person off the street and teach them all about that tech life :smirk::grin:


This is a new concept to me.... passing off my account to my children or grandchildren :joy:. So eventually they will be caught up with @AnkerOfficial :joy:


I've sent a message and no reply yet, still waiting. I think there was a hard date set and that is all she rode! I'll update y'all if I hear anything


I might lose mine to the missus as a nightshirt 🥴


I'll keep my fingers crossed for you bro :thumbsup:


@Ice1 I just got the link for the T-shirt! Filled it out and sooooooo very happy! Many thanks Anker!!! I'll be sporting Anker & representing like a big dawg!


Awesome man! :sunglasses:


@dicejedi Wow ! great to hear that. Congrats buddy ! :thumbsup:
So, that keeps my hopes alive, will send a message as soon as I get there. :upside_down:


I never got one. :unamused:


@JaimeNacole Once you reach level 7 you can always message AnkerOfficial and BAMMMM! just like that you'll get a Tee


Hey @ankerofficial @AnkerTechnical

Any news on the t-shirts being sent out?


Spring is coming!
There is a need of these shirts here as well!


I need myT-shirt :cry:


Be patient?
All good things are made, need to take a while to be finished well. :grin:


summer is coming. anker should make a white version aswell


If I'm not mistaken they said tshirts would be available after April


Fine, so there is hope!


I went out today in my shirts n t-shirt. Was such a nice day today


Yeah, If Anker wants free marketing, this is the time. Please don't send them next winter, no use :joy: