Splash Into Prime Day!



That was for the #UseAnkerInstead correct?


That is correct.


Couldn't remember if there were any in the summer splash event geez. No biggie :stuck_out_tongue::sunglasses:


It could be that too many people entered and so the chance was really small.


Sorry didn't mean to sound snappy... Lol... I was trying to figure it out myself... I Am surprised that no one from community group won.... @AnkerOfficial has the winners been notified yet?


No worries​:sunglasses:
The reply feature isn't working for me right now.




Maybe a list of the winners. I've only seen one possible win from an email


Either the winners have been notified or they are still working on it. In the past I received an email that came a week or 2 after the event said they would notify by email


I see we are all still very curious about this one. All will be revealed in time :sunglasses:

With so many competitions wrapping up recently and the amount of prizes a little confusion was to be expected.


Yes, we sent the email last week, all the winners have been notified.
Since it is a large campaign, so only a few people get the chance to win.
So sorry guys! Hope more community fans will win next time!


nooo so I didn't win then heh oh well thanks for the chance anyways


Good product

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thank you! :wink:


Thanks for the info!


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