Soundcore flare review!

I am reviewing the soundcore flare.

I guess I’ll start at the beginning. When I opened the shipping box, the first thing I noiticed (and I did actually take notice of it) was how much I loved the packaging. Not only does it look beautiful, but it also is well made to garentee the safety of your product. So I’ll give packaging 5 stars.

So, next I paired it with my phone, which was really easy and fast. I wanted to check the range, so I set it in the main area of the house. I walked over the entire house (upstairs and downstairs) which is about 4000 sq. Feet and it never disconnected. So the Bluetooth connection is another 5 stars.

Next I downloaded the app. It told me that before I could use any features I had to update my speaker. I thought it was convieniant that I could update through Bluetooth through my phone. It took about 15 minutes. After it was updated I played around with the app. I like the different music settings. The only thing I dislike is that the custom sound always sounds bad no matter what. That was disappointing. Next I used the different light displays. They’re fine, and only fine. They need some updating. For instance the sync one isn’t really synced with the music, it’s just random. The other ones work pretty well since they don’t need to sync with the music at all. I like the color choices, some of them are just beautiful. I’ll be generous and give the app 4 stars.

Next I wanted to check out the sound quality and the tonal range of the speaker. The range is amazing! The bass is beautiful and the high notes are melodious! I personally like heavy bass so I always leave bass up on. But I like the fact you can turn it on and off for people who don’t like as much bass. The quality of the speaker is really good for the price you spend. I would say it’s almost as good as the boss soundlink mini. So for sound quality I give 5 stars and for range I give five stars.

Next I wanted to check the volume. And there’s not much to say here. It gets REALLY loud and doesn’t really lose much quality with it. If I use it on max volume it would be completely unreasonable because of how loud it would be. So of course I’m giving this 5 stars.

Now is you did the math I gave this about 4.8 stars.

I would definitely recommend this speaker to anyone. I think this speaker would still be worth the price at 120$. I think that says a lot. The only things that really need to be changed are the app needs to be updated some more and the speakers software needs to be updated to fix the synced light show.

Thanks for reading!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

For future reference, the correct product name is Soundcore Flare.

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Anker packaging is all part of the experience. Not only is the product great quality but so is the presentation of it.


Hehe. Sorry about that. I will edit it. Thanks for correcting my ignorance!

Pictures help seal the deal, we all love to see pictures so newcomers know what product your reviewing


I will add pictures in my next review. Thanks for the tip!

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Why not add them to this one since you just posted it today

I will do it tomorrow when there is better lighting. :slight_smile:

Edit: I might as well do them now

Edit: can’t get photos to upload, will try again tomorrow.

Nice review! If you can catch a sale, it’s definitely worth picking up a second Flare. I really loved my first Flare, but when you pair two of them together for stereo, it’s even better!

Nice review, thanks!

Nice review! Thank you for sharing!

Great review :+1:t2:

We always love to see pics :tongue:

Question though - is the light sync to music the apps fault or more due to the flare itself??

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It has to be down to the Flare itself, right? You can manipulate the light show choices directly from the device too. The sync seems to work better with some types of music than others, but it frequently seems a bit off. And if you have a pair of Flares, the two of them are never in sync–always a half a beat or more off between one another.

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Good review thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

I was playing around a little bit.

More for young folks as you are! :wink:

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Haven’t been called young for a while - il take it :yum:

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Your right, I should have clarified in the review. I think it’s due to the flare. I said the app needs to be updated which is true, but the main thing is the flares software needs to be updating.

But if you are interested in such “light shows” I supposed it! :joy:

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Nice review buddy! Appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us. :grin:

If your using your phone you can just resize them down via whatever photo app you use. Size of the picture doesn’t really matter as much as the actual file size so just keep resizing it until it fits