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I’d participate but my only playlist is 2,000+ songs of unorganized mess. I got some rock, hip-hop, pop, punk, and probably some classical. I’d pay someone to manually separate them into their proper categories.


When do you plan to join this bandwagon :wink:

  1. Sitin on dock of the bay - Otis Reading
  2. Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down
  3. 3AM - Matchbox Twenty
  4. Through glass - Stone Sour
    Preferably the acoustic versions

And can’t end any music session without
5) Mr Brightside - The Killers


I like my summer music upbeat and poppy, for the most part. :radio: :headphones: I think it’s a good representation of the season itself. I know I always feel the most pumped up during summer time.

  1. Sheryl Crow - Soak Up the Sun
  2. f(x) - Hot Summer
  3. Len - Steal My Sunshine
  4. Hyolyn - SEE SEA
  5. LFO - Summer Girls
  6. Smash Mouth - Walkin’ on the Sun
  7. T.M.Revolution - Hot Limit
  8. Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta (from the Grease OST) - Summer Nights
  9. Red Velvet - Red Flavor
  10. Don Henley - The Boys of Summer

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I don’t really use a playlist as I stream DJ mix sets from various DJs on MixCloud or Soundcloud but this guy is one of my favorites:

I also like this guy too :wink:


This playlist isn’t so much just for summer, nor summer 2019 alone, but in fact a celebration worth an entire decade - it’s a carefully curated nod to the epic era we’ve come to know as the Roaring 20’s.
Spotify Link: Requisite Roaring 20’s

My playlist selections are both classic (of the 1920’s era) and modern while in the style of the era. The playlist will likely expand with time, but thus far at 5-1/2 hours is adequate enough for casual listening (as we lead into and during the next decade) or a themed party (esp. if you’re considering a welcome to the 2020’s party for NYE).
I suggest listening in sequence without “shuffle” turned on if you prefer casual music that builds into more energetic (lots of electro swing) near the end of the playlist.
Hope you enjoy if you check it out; I’m happy to receive suggestions. :slight_smile:


Lol I’ll probably put it together tonight or tomorrow morning :+1:


For me I dont have a summer playlist. I have a 700+ song list that has my favorite songs some as far back as the 50s/60s.

This playlist is my road trip playlist, my gym list, hiking list and my year road list. You will find me with my Space NC headphilones, Spirit X, soon to be a pair of true wireless earbuds, soundcore boost, or my Roav F2 in my car.


As an islander I love this playlist
#SoundcoreSummerPlaylist @soundcoreaudio

Aloha and enjoy your summer 2019! Be blessed


Am I allowed to enter two playlists? I have a really cool idea for another one…


My summer mix


Radio Paradise - Listener Supported - Where you can cache multiple 12 hr blocks of eclectic FLAC (lossless) music for playback on your Anker gear.
Main Mix:
Mellow Mix:


My playlist is perfect for me since they are my favorite bands and I love listening to all of them. They all have perks for the summer.

  1. Chlorine - twenty one pilots
  2. High Hopes - Panic! at The Disco
  3. Coffee’s For Closers - Fall Out Boy
  4. Sails To The Wind - Dirty Heads
  5. Holding On To You - twenty one pilots

Chlorine is because of the swimming I’ll do and it’s a super rhythmic and sick song and Ned is a cutie

High Hopes is a song about living life and not let others stop you from your dreams and to not give up and prove doubters wrong.

Coffees For Closers is a upbeat song about changing life for the better which is something I want to do in more ways then one. Getting ready to graduate school in the fall and then starting life in the real world and also just trying to not stress with in the moment things since change will come

Sails To The Wind is love and life. It’s a catch rhythmic/ lyrically and it’s a amazing song. I will be jamming out on the subway in a car or plan to this song and will be tapping my foot for the whole song (I don’t drive, so no worries) :smile:

Holding On To You is a solid as could be song and it’s amazing love as it is listening through headphones. And carries a message about fighting and not letting demons or negativity stop you in life and to rise against those demons.


My SoundCore Summer playlist;

  1. 45 - Shinedown
  2. Ay Mi Dios (feat. Pitbull, Yandel & Chacal) - IamChino
  3. Somebody That I Used to Know - Gotye
  4. The Distance - Cake
  5. Welcome Home - Coheed and Cambria


Good luck for everybody :four_leaf_clover:


She bangs the drums is my favorite in the playlist!:hugs:


I agree! The song you choose is really good for dancing, it make me exciting!:joy:


Your playlist mixes different styles of songs. I like these two songs the most.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sweet but psycho


You have extremely good taste @AnkerOfficial :ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2:


This my summer playlist, im still working on it. I’ll be listening to it on my road trip of 2526km to my holiday destination. My playlist consists of a bit of everything, latin music, kizomba (which is perfect style for summer), portuguese hip hop and some general top songs to get you moving with the summer vibe.