Save Time, Save Money, Save the Day



60W won’t work?


The email says these deals end tomorrow... :confused:


60W would work great!
But I’m confused.. there’s some ambiguity between your post here and the listing which says 30W. Whish is it?




Ah, I see it now.
Now we’re talking!


Seeing as Bonnie Tyler has been holding out for a hero since 1984 I’ve lost all hope of finding one :wink::wink:


Maybe you come from wakanda and that's why you know this stuff. Maybe you should be more quiet about your vibranium knowledge so you will not attract any villains.:laughing:


Not available in UK :unamused:

I shall save myself for the next mission lol


We need to come up with superhero names :joy:


Great Deal - thanks for sharing this!


Lol, nope just a :nerd: Wakanda forever :no_good:


nice deals :heart_eyes:

pinned #30


LOL! :joy::joy:


:laughing::laughing::laughing: Are you a covert agent?


Yummy. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Lol, Wakanda forever! (with accent):imp:


Lol, nailed it!


So do you feel UK/Europe don't need this sort of stuff?

Send us some trial kits, and we can review it to make sure, we are capable of using it!


Nice, good for Canadians