Save Time, Save Money, Save the Day



Very nice lineup. Especially for late model Mac users.
Looking forward to the 45W version of the PowerPort Speed that will charge my Lenovo X1... let's make it happen Anker.


60W won’t work?


The email says these deals end tomorrow... :confused:


60W would work great!
But I’m confused.. there’s some ambiguity between your post here and the listing which says 30W. Whish is it?




Ah, I see it now.
Now we’re talking!


Seeing as Bonnie Tyler has been holding out for a hero since 1984 I’ve lost all hope of finding one :wink::wink:


Maybe you come from wakanda and that's why you know this stuff. Maybe you should be more quiet about your vibranium knowledge so you will not attract any villains.:laughing:


Not available in UK :unamused:

I shall save myself for the next mission lol


We need to come up with superhero names :joy:


Great Deal - thanks for sharing this!


Lol, nope just a :nerd: Wakanda forever :no_good:


nice deals :heart_eyes:

pinned #30


LOL! :joy::joy:


:laughing::laughing::laughing: Are you a covert agent?


Yummy. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Lol, Wakanda forever! (with accent):imp:


Lol, nailed it!


So do you feel UK/Europe don't need this sort of stuff?

Send us some trial kits, and we can review it to make sure, we are capable of using it!