Rove bolt setup-aux



Picked up a bolt and I just get try again on the setup screen using a galaxy note 8


Have the Google Assistant opened and Bolt ON, you should get a pop up to connect


I get the set up popup but one it goes into setup and loops into try again.


Same issue here. Have a Samsung galaxy S9. Took a Bluetooth speaker in and was able to connect via Bluetooth. Firmware updated successfully.

Tried aux again after firmware update, but still fails. I have a feeling that this is an issue with Samsung. Roav website is listing s10 as not compatible. Two major models to not support if true…


Please contact Roav Support for more answers, - I am waiting on Response, should hear back sometime on Monday considering the weekend.


Yeah, I submitted a ticket before posting. Pretty disappointing response time, would expect Anker to increase staffing for a product launch and extend support hours.


Relax and wait.


I got the response from Anker Roav Support, basically all the firmware updates and Bolt management is via the Google Assistant app and not from Anker Roav app… there is no Anker Roav app for the Bolt.

Google Assistant will push out the firmware update - at least for the iOS version today.

You may check the same for the Android version if there is any firmware update.


any updates? anyone get this working on a Galaxy device? I’m on a stock Note 8 and get stuck on the try again loop upon trying to connect aux.



Try to update your Google Assistant on Android to or the latest one and try the Aux, is the official app released to address issues.

Also, have you reached out the Roav Support (, if not - i suggest you do it soon.


The latest version of Google Assistant on the Play store is 0.1.187945513 for me. I have this installed, but no joy.

I did contact yesterday. Anxiously waiting for a fix. Thanks for your help!


I did get it working after joining the Google beta program.

When it’s on its nice.
Quite a few issues.

Won’t auto re-pair with my phone when I get in my truck. My outlets are always on and I need to power cycle the roav for it to re-connect.

Doesn’t listen to voice commands. It hears hey Google lights up and doesn’t seem to comprehend anything.

Laggy. When it does come on from hey Google it has a serious lag until it responds and the lights turn white. Judy for it to time out while I’m repeatedly asking for what I need.

Meanwhile my wife’s phone in her pocket on the far side of the truck starts doing.