Robovac starts cleaning randomly

Did you figure out how to stop it

Flipping the switch on the robot to reset it should work.

Check the schedule on the remote. It appears by default the schedule on the remote is set to 12:00 am and the schedules you might have set using the app don’t sync with the one on the remote. On the remote home screen, you see a bell icon above the time press and hold the bell button on the remote while pointing at the robot until you hear 2 beeps. The bell icon should then disappear. If you wish to set a new schedule just press the bell button again and then you can set a new schedule if needed. That solved my issue

Thank you for saying what we were all thinking. Unfortunately it was wasted on deaf ears. Some seem to think this is a chat room and don’t understand when your trying to solve a problem, a forum based on facts and figures is EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR. The last thing (and most un-helpful) we need is a “personality”.