Robovac 11 sweeping brush

So my repaired Eufy is now having trouble on my carpet. It keeps stopping with an error that the brush has stalled. How is it detecting this state, and what can be done about it? Any thoughts?


What the h… could that be?

The only Idea I have instantaneously :
We have now 2 different motors, could this be the reason for this?
And is the middle brush really stalled when beeping?

How can we reproduce that error?
Idea: Lay the robot on the back and cover his eyes (bottom sensors) by taping,
And do testing.
Good luck and new experiences! :grin:

I think it my carpet, slows it down, then it sees over current and cuts power. Maybe my motor is slightly different

I’ve been running this setup for a bit now and it doesn’t work on my carpet. It sounds loud, like its working harder, and the brush actually stalls when the Eufy tries to turn. After three stalls it stops and beeps. It has no issues on my tile floor. I think the winding of my motor are slightly different. Not sure if there is anything I can mod short of trying a different motor.

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Great job.

Speculating here but it sounds like the robovac is receiving feedback from the motor that is slightly different then stalling as a precaution.

Not sure what can be done about this. At least it works on tile.

This is really a weird behaviour of the robot.
Works on tiles makes troubles on carpets. :roll_eyes:

What could that be?
If I were you, I would go for another motor of this type you already have installed and swap the other original one.

I know this sounds a little bit crazy but there is not much to lose.
and you have already the skills to do this quick,

hi, can anybody say me, what kind of motor is the right one? i mean, there is a lot of motors with different rpm’s… or can anybody send me a link where i can buy a smiliar motor?

You may do a search here at the forum or at Youtube.
I think you will find an answer to your questions.

I bought a job lot of Eufy 11’s a couple are beyond repair and so I can strip for parts. Let me know what parts you need and I’ll list up on eBay. I’m in the UK though.

Hi! is the offer still available? i need the motor of the big brush.