Roav Viva with Spotify : A dead end? Anker can let us know pls? Its coming to a year i think. :(

As per title.

Hope I can get some good news. Permanent bad news is also ok. :sweat:

I used it while it was a beta with Roav… used it very rarely… it went off and then came back as beta for second time but was very slow, and second time it went , has never returned… been almost like a year now I use music from my Spotify phone app- much better experience

@AnkerTechnical will Spotify return to Roav Viva?

Anker didnt even bother to reply. :rofl:

Sometimes silence is golden :innocent:, a lot is conveyed without a word said :mute:

I think for now… Spotify will not be coming to Roav Viva / Pro, and streaming via Smartphone BT or other options is the way ahead, and if at all this feature comes back , @AnkerOfficial / Roav will announce it here / social media