Roav Bolt Doesn't Play Music and News via Bluetooth on Radio

Anyone has the experience where the Roav Bolt doesn’t play music and news via the Bluetooth on the car radio, only on the phone…?
If I asked Ok Google, brief me. It will play the weather, the events for the day all over Bluetooth, the news headlines will be played only on the phone. My radio is an Android 8.0 radio.


Roav Bolt is very new and lot of features are still being tested / added, will suggest you open a case with Roav Support team

you will also find more details here

Do post what happens / what you hear from Roav Support


@gerald.chapman It seems like your car doesn’t connect to your phone via Bluetooth, could you please confirm it and make sure your phone is connecting to your car via Bluetooth?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further concern.

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