Reviews at AMAZON

I still wonder how my reviews got posted after so long and others are having trouble getting them posted

That’s it.
But I don’t think that reviews here at the forum does make much sense.
At YouTube may be. As I told you all before there are ways to avoid this problem.

Depends where you post it.
AMAZON.DE and AMAZON.UK seem to be restrictive now.
I could post a review at without a verified purchase.

I’m not sure you understand what I was asking in regards to my reviews. I wrote reviews for items I had purchased almost 5 years ago 5 years ago, and somehow they just just got posted. Meaning they were never posted when I wrote them 5 years ago

OK, now I got you! I think there is no problem to write reviews for items which are in the market for a certain time. The problem shows up with “new items”, ANKER want us to write reviews to “start” business.:wink:

Generally community members are very enthusiastic about Anker and their plethora of products. So I would say it makes sense but there is no reason you should limit your reviews to only the Anker community. Google+ Twitter YouTube are great & Easy to use alternatives.

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I’m a retired computer engineer and I never will join those so called “social platforms”. I know why!

Yes, it is the new policy adopted since last year

Now I can confirm it, Amazon.IT has adopted this policy.

Can’t review if not purchased, but not with all things.

I tried to review an item bought with my business account with my normal account and I couldn’t.
But another thing has worked.

I’ve sent an email to Amazon querying this more recent change of no reviews for unverified purchases (though I already know what the response will be) as last night while adding on a recent purchase review I selected their Echo speaker, which I’ve neither used or bought, yet I was able to add a rating…go figure…

If Amazon are that concerned about controlling reviews, perhaps they should open up their Vine program to ‘regular purchase reviewers’ rather than the occasional ‘I’ll take that free, give 5 stars and write three sentence’s of feedback’ fellows…

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