Review of Soundcore Arc Wireless Sport Earphones

The ear buds came packaged very well from the factory. They have numerous options for fitment and I was able to find a size that fit comfortably. They sound like $100+ head phones for a fraction of the price. They stayed in the ear comfortably while working out and I had no issues after 2 weeks not charging them. It was extremely easy to pair them to my phone (pixel 2 xl) and they have not lost connection or had any issues while I used them for my work outs. After weeks of testing I can confidently say that I’ve put this product through many physical challenges and it has passed with flying colors.

I highly recommend them especially for the price but even if they were a bit more expensive I’d still get them. Please let me know if you have any questions.


I have these, but how would you say the sound quality is? What about the bass, and did you notice if the bass got better the more you used them?

Do you think the bass is improving by only using the earbuds for a while?
This sounds strange to me.
Please give me an enlightenment! :sunglasses:

In the audio world it’s called breaking in or burn in of the headphones. Burn-in proponents argue that drivers become more flexible after some use, altering the sound they produce. The burn-in period improves the headphone sound, as the drivers expand and stretch the course and often times the bass improves and the vocals become much warmer

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I learned something new!

nice review

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Question how do they handle sweat?
And more importantly rain.
I like being outdoors and somehow I always have rain clouds following me :slight_smile:

Looks like you really satisfied with our product!

@Big_Arcane I have these and they perform flawlessly between sweat and swimming with them…clicky

Thanks, going to check out your review right now.