Refer a friend

How do you fefer a friend?


You know what, a very valid question. I looked around. Didn’t see it. Now puzzled.


Maybe @him or her?

@Anker_1 any updates on how to refer a friend?


This is one of the big ways to earn bucks and points


Did you ever figure out how to refer a friend? Maybe @AnkerOfficial could help us figure this one out.

Never tried.

No one else seems to be concerned with how to refer friends but I am curious. I can’t seem to find the referral process defined anywhere.

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Any news on this? I’m trying to refer a friend but can’t find where to do that?
@AnkerOfficial, @nigelhealy, @ndalby

Thanks !

I think it was also mentioned in another thread but there was never any feedback. Would be interesting to know how or if the ability was not included for some reason… @AnkerOfficial ?


Thanks @ndalby. I sent a private message to @AnkerOfficial with my friend’s email address. He created his account, and I hope Anker will give me my Bucks manually ^^

By the way, my friend is @Gaetan_Mestack1 !

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This seems odd to me that this question is so easily going unanswered. You’d think @AnkerOfficial would be all over this.

So has anyone figured this out yet?


I wonder if they didn’t include it because it’s the easiest way to give yourself points without much effort, aside from creating false accounts.

Refer a friend exists already in many forms like sharing on social media and getting likes / retweets, and custom links you can get members to apply thru.

Basically the idea has been implemented many times over competitions over months.


So far all I have gotten is PMing @ankerofficial with the friend’s email and username. They verify them, but a link to share would be nice.

I would love to invite my friends over on this site but couldn’t find a way to do so. And since I’m new, I thought it was just me who couldn’t figure this out. Hopefully @AnkerOfficial or @AnkerTechnical could help us out here

Have them sign up, and send @ankerofficial a message with their forum name and they will make sure you get the points for then signing up

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This seems so crazy. There should be a way to input their email or to send thema link or something.


There should be an easier way especially if we want the news to spread about anker

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One possibility is : when you register at anker forum, you can select, why you register:

  • because of a certain anker product : note which product
  • because of an anker advertisment : note in which medium
  • because of a friend : note the nickname of the friend