Questions about earning community points


I just log in to the forum and see if anything that I need to be aware of in terms of products that I own, answer any questions if I been through same issue before or educate myself about what products in the pipeline etc.,
Of course from time to time go to my profile page to see what level I am in and how many bucks I got. Specially if there is any powerdraw going with a product that I would like to have and explore.
Like everyone says, just keep at it, they will come!

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nice i am like 20 points away from leveling up to L8! 400 free powerbucks!


Level ten is a bigggg jump and they keep getting harder from there. Good luck

Be patient and keep on “working”. :grin:

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This is the best kind of work though it’s not that bad😂

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I’m working to get to L9 soon :slight_smile:

See. Just leveled!

I am super close to Level 6 but I can see how difficult it will be from there on out! Wonder if the experience points are also worth more per post, responses, likes, etc… the more you level up.

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Nope, that would be nice though.


You will get there bro :+1:


I think I might have leveled up the fastest over the last year. My first post was August 8, 2017, and since then I steadily leveled up to my level now half way through 13.

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@elmo41683 How many posts per day, do you estimate, to get to where you are at now? Seems like an eternity and a whole bunch of posts to level up to your level.

I downloaded all my post and according to that I have posted 10245 times since I joined, not counting this post.

As I always say, don’t focus in level or trying to count post or points. Just post and help as most would and the post/points will accumulate on it’s own. And once you forget about it, you will see how it accumulates on it’s own. But the moment you focus in it it will seem like an eternity for anything to happen


Well, this reminds me on a german writer Michael Ende. He wrote a very nice fiction for young people “Never ending Story”. And I think it was him who said something like this:

If you have to clean a long road with a brush, and you look towards the end of the road, you might loose your faith and have to work hard…maybe even give up.

But if you look just for the next step, brush, step, brush … suddenly you have finished…very easy …

I hope I found the right english words …


It makes sense :+1:

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@furkist Very well said! It is absolutely a great way to see the simple side of progress. You found every English word correct! Translation success!

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Congrats, and good luck for the L9 !!

Wow… that is little too much of a contribution! Good work @elmo41683 and keep it up.
idk if any one can match you in this pace.

I think there are some answers on this thread from the past.

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