They said you will receive your refund by March 5th or so according to my email so you still have time for the. To process it.

@Chris_Renshaw for this contest we didn’t have to claim anything since the order is already in their system, the email was just to let us know the time frame for our refund

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Oh I thought he meant the other Christmas thing, the giveaway. Anyway, @88888888Alex88888888 you should make sure you add them, Anker, to your Email’s address book so that doesn’t happen again! Cheers

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Yeah but nothing send to me!

You recived the mistery price? Just 10 persons?

No this was for the refund. So the contest where you made a purchase from a list of items, around Christmas, and if you won they’ll sent you a refund. So you “won” them by getting refunded

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Okay and the mystery price?

There was no mystery Prize… Not price.
But the win was a refund of your order

I am very confused. Can you explain please?

I win the 100 person free price but what the 10 person win?

Oh that one, sorry for the confusion. The top 10 contributors got the Soundcore Life 2 Gift Set

This is weird, I think you should have your item by now. If they are not answering your emails I’d say try reaching them through Twitter

Don’t recived anything :cry: do you recived it

You were not one of the top 10 contributors, hence why you didn’t get anything. It’s all in This post


I heard of of someone else not getting the refund.

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If you didn’t get your prize refund back then email them from the email they sent you saying you won, and they will get in it. Don’t do a separate email as that email has your order number in it and they can see directly what they need to refund without having to search

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Ok thanks …

Magical mystery tour!



Hi @88888888Alex88888888

I reach out your message to Anker support team, they already replied you in the email.

They will complete the refund as soon as possible by the end of February.:innocent:


Oh yeah thanks!