Presenting Anker MagGo Lineup - The World's First Adaptive Magnetic Charging Experience Is Here!

It great to see new products.
But it’s also a brave move focusing on a brand that has less market share.
What are your opinions on that @AnkerOfficial ?

Will you be focusing on the rest of the market soon and maybe supporting Samsung with a range of super fast charging PPS/PDO chargers are have you sold your soul and got fully into bed with Apple?


There may be things that we do not know that they do hopefully through their research have decided to target IOS.

I am not an Apple guy but if a majority of that percent have the ability to use the MagGo then that may be a good group to target.

I know android is all over the place but what is the percentage of those phones have the ability to charge this way. I got one that does not but my wife and son has one that is able to charge that way.

I think that the new Iphone came out last month so I could see why they would present this after about a month release of the iphone 13.

I would hope that an android /samsung version will be coming out potentially in the future as well.

The funny thing is that both my wife and son would rather to plug the device into a cable than charge it this way and I think I would love the ability to charge the phone this way (but do not have the charge ability on my phone) :rofl:


Wow, those are so nice products. I love the Magnetic Battery (MagGo). I would love one of those.


Cool magnetic chargers and I love the color palette. It’s refreshing seeing different colors than the usual white or black.

Btw the Anker 637 Magnetic Charging Station is something I’d love to have, but that price tag :grimacing:


I like that one, too. I have no use for it, but I like it.

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Now that would be great! :clap:


Interesting new product lineup! I’m personally very interested in the Magnetic Battery (622) for my iPhone 12. I’ve been holding off on the Anker or Apple portable magsafe batteries, in case something like this would be announced.

Can’t wait for it to arrive. I’ll definitely update later with a full review.

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amazing new products! :ok_hand::clap:


The 622 MagGo battery looks pretty sweet. I used to use Mophie type cases for the extra battery capacity, but stopped because the annoyance of blocking the lightning port/wireless charging wasn’t worth how often I actually used the battery case. I really haven’t missed the external battery very often, but being able to slap a battery on the back is very appealing.

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Some really cool products coming from Anker! Really nice for those iPhone users sadly I am not one


My coworkers balked when I said I would switch to an IPhone just so I could use these products. But then they all understood and said they would too because most of us keep our phones so long that the charge port tends to get wonky and it needs to be fixed, so this would eliminate that issue and one stylish doing so.

Also the biggest thing for me is the resale value, if I trade my phone in for another Android I will only get 400 dollars for my phone. But if I trade it in and get an IPhone they will give me 800 dollars for my phone. Making it worth it to me since I only paid 200 for my phone


Just spotted this line up of products on Instagram. Love them. Really love them. Wish I had a phone I could use them with :rofl::rofl:

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I’ve had my Anker Magnetic Phone Grip about a week and wrote about it here! Magnetic Phone Grip (MagGo) — Unsolicited Review: Must-Have!


I’ve had the Anker 622 Mag go for less than two weeks. After charging it all day and overnight, I actually seem to have lost the charge from 4 lights to 2. How long would you say it takes to charge to 100% from 0% (worst case). I’m using the Apple fast charger that came with the 12 Pro. Do you think mine is defective?

You could try another cable and another charger and look what happens.

Hmm it shouldn’t take longer than a day. Leave it charging overnight :+1:

Will the Anker 633 Magnetic Wireless Charger (MagGo) be coming to UK at all?

Ask Anker directly by sending them am email

I got the Maggo 637 (was 20% off at amazon some time ago) and I have absolutely loved it 10/10 recommend solves all of my charging/cable issues!! worth every penny

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Nice I’m really glad to hear you like it!