PowerLine USB-C to DC Compatibility

Yes. This is what I remember seeing and what would interest me to power a Sony boombox that I have.


There’s nothing to stop you for any given V A to put a barrel converter on the end to change shape/size. Polarity change I imagine is a problem to switch. Cannot change V or A. Dimension of inner/outer is just mechanics.

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I thought that this was a dongle that plugged into your current USB-C cable. I don’t like it anymore.

My use case was you plug it into your laptop, and leave it there. Then when you need a charge, you plug in your regular USB-C cable, and let it charge.

This doesn’t get rid of the need of a cable, so I don’t see much use (other then getting rid of a charger I guess- but it doesn’t matter much at this point)

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Voltage and amperage is what stops me with today’s offerings in DC cables.

I posted a topic about this with certain requirements. We shall see.

This could be a big benefit for a lot of people, though.

Yeah but you still need a seperate cable :balance_scale:

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I can see that being true in a specific use case.

Someone has a corportate laptop, which tend to be selected every couple of years and bulk purchased and recycled between employees as they leave / join. These are probably still significantly not USB-PD. These also typically have corporate spyware security, VPN, apps which you cannot get on a BYOD.

Someone then also has a BYOD as the above suck, corp laptops have awful battery life, performance, bad speakers, etc. BYOD is usually a tablet, often an iPad.

Then someone looks at their chargers and their luggage. Then they figure they can take 1 charger and alternate charging a corp laptop and a BYOD.

The challenge right now is how awful are Anker Powerport.

Most corp laptops need 45W+. All the Anker chargers which do 45W do it from a single charger. So you don’t really save that much space. You’d have to alternate the charger between the corp spy laptop and BYOD to save some space, but if you ever needs to charge both you’d need right now two chargers, so if two chargers why not save $, not buy this cable and just take the corp spy charger and your Anker charger.

This cable makes much more sense when Anker makes some decent, intelligent, multiport USB-PD chargers, like say a 60W which has 2 ports and it senses the needs of both ports and gives say 45W to one port and 15W to the other port.

Until Anker makes some decent intelligent multiport USB-PD chargers, this cable struggles to make that much sense.

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You seem to hate corporate laptops? They are usually supposed to be “for work only” laptops, so having “spyware” shouldn’t be an issue…

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Try traveling for work through hotels and airports week after week.

Not a hate, just a rich and deep experience.


I can relate to what you are saying, have experienced it… I am happy that I have reduced my travels now. (By a lot…)

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It appears as though there are five different DC connection sizes:

The price should be $15.99.

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Looks like they have catered for the big brands, recognise connections for Lenovo, Asus, HP and Toshiba…

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Are those attachments, connecting to this :point_down:

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Oh yes, you’re totally right @Shenoy :man_facepalming:

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You didn’t do anything wrong. That facepalm was to myself. :laughing:

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Is it compatible with the HP OMEN 15-dc1054 or Product number: 7MA38UA#ABA?


Hi @aheadnetworkmgmt, it doesn’t seem so. The compatible models are listed above!

5 connectors to one shared cable, or 5 cables?

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@professor, you can see what @Shenoy is saying in that B-D are extensions for A, so while each will likely be sold separately, I wouldn’t be surprised if you could replace them.