PowerLine Lightning Cable | Complete Our Survey for a Chance to Win



Congrats @Alex_Honnor :clap:t2:

Any other lucky winners?

I didn’t get an email


I got an email last night. :slight_smile: I could always use another cable, especially an Anker cable. :wink:


Congrats @Nhi :clap:t2:


Thanks :slight_smile:


Congrats @Nhi and @Alex_Honnor!


Congrats @Nhi and @Alex_Honnor … I won also


Congrats @cmbush!


Thanks Techman


@Ice1… I won a cable from this survey and also entered several tickets in this weeks Power Draw for the lightning cable. It would be awesome to win that as well. @Alex_Honnor congrats and good luck. If neither of us has won it 1 way we’ve won it another :grinning::grinning::wink::wink:


Congratulations @Nhi :clap:


Congrats on winning the cable guys


Congratulations @cmbush

Somehow missed you on my previous thread


@Shenoy. … Thanks


Wasn’t this a nice email at the weekend?
Ja indeed, a cable is never wrong! :wink:


Congrats to you too. :slight_smile:

I was indeed, pleasantly surprised. I thought it was for the power draw. Thanks :slight_smile: Hope you are feeling better.


I am quite fine, thank you.
Really ready for testing the MOTION+ I got.


Congratz Guys!


Good news guys. Congratulations


Wow, curious to see if either of you will win this week, @cmbush & @Alex_Honnor and agreed nothing wrong with stocking up Anker cables or give away to your friends, they would appreciate it :grin:
Congratulations to all, @Nhi for winning the cable.:thumbsup:

I went and bought a couple for myself anyways, man they are expensive here…:money_with_wings:


Congratulations to all winners of cable :confetti_ball::champagne: