PowerCore 10000 PD | 20% Off Now



Nice deal Thanks Anker


Great, that this offer is for all countries, even those often forgotten “over the pond”. :wink:


So this innovation, the fact you can 18W into and 28W out of just two 21700 cells is awesome, it does give me hope we’ll get into higher wattage in the viable next year.

What is the concern is the cost being asked. I’d rather carry a 6 old tablet and drain its battery and wait over a day to recharge it, than spend a $$$ on a Powecore to recharge rapidly.

Powercore 10000 with 10W in and 12W out has been $20 for most of the last 3 years at the discounts which come up every few months, so an 80% cost increase to just raise 10 Watts to 28 Watts? Something very expensive is happening, so I expect let commoditization, unit cost reductions, kick in…


They must be using a high quality cells for these because whatever you do if your cells cannot be discharged with that high wattage it will not be sustainable. There seems to be 2 x 5000 mAh 21700 cells in parallel to give 10000 mAh total capacity. Each cell will be 3.7 V meaning we have 37 Wh total capacity. If it is providing 28 Watt power (9V for PD and 5V for IQ), most likely each cell is discharging at 2A current which is not bad at all.


Guessing the code no longer works?


The code was first come first serve, so it doesn’t surprise me if they have all been used up


You could test it.


@AnkerOfficial could you let us know if anything bigger / better than this is in the works?

  • I don’t really need a high output wattage as I’d keep this connected to my device when sat down or in my bag
  • I do want a fast recharge capability, maximum wattage input, shortest recharge
  • 2 ports minimum, you could do like this Powercore 10000 PD of a USB-C for input and output, and a Type A port for legacy devices
  • 15Ah

Currently your discounts for 15Ah tend to get to around $30 if patient but you been increasing your prices a lot for these PD products so do we have to wait for a long time for the price to get reasonable?

For example if you just took the recent Redux 15000 and make one of the ports USB-PD input/output and make its regular price say $40 then we can wait for a $30-ish discount to appear.

I’m currently using your 2 year old products a Slim 5000 and the Powercore 10000, as these are cheap and dense products.


they post so many new awesome products but i already have two working ones i dont need anymore


how do i get on testing page i would love to!


Click the three lines, go.to poower user, and apply, like everyone else.


This is a really good power bank at an incredible price, even without the 20% discount


always make good stuf


This is an amazing deal, might go and buy.


I really like these but I also don’t need any more chargers haha


I believe you will like it!:grin: