Power supply for Nebula Capsule Max

I’ve lost my original power supply, does anyone know how I can get one, either original or the voltage/current/barrel connector specs to find a replacement? Thanks


The 1st search item, 3rd post seems to answer the question?

Thanks, that gives me all the information I need apart from the polarity. Should the centre be positive or negative?

Is there anything in the packaged manual or written on the Capsule showing it?

Anyone with a Max can photo the included charger back with the polarity?

So I did my own searching.




Which is Positive tip.


So I think I’ve given you the product code to go buy one? If not it’s all the specs to find a match.

15V 3A Positive tip 3.5x1.35mm

Great, thank you!

For anyone interested I’ve gone with this

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