Power outages - ready?

I have known of this increasing risk for some time.

I am ready.

So my only issue is the panic from those around who are not remotely prepared.

Just prepare, the easiest way is to do a trial run, get things how you think you’d need, then manually turn power off and see how well you cope. The usual thing you forget are matches or lighters.

Outages are easy, being surprised by them isn’t.

The internet going down will be the hardest for some, particularly those who like to panic.

I do not recommend buying an Anker Powerhouse, as they are expensive to do anything really useful like keep a freezer going for days. I do recommend Powercore, flashlights, and the above motion-sensing stick-on AAA battery lights. I do not recommend keeping a huge frozen store of food beyond 3 days as it will go to waste. I do recommend keeping stocks of food types you don’t need to cook, a basic camping stove, and the types of food which just need heating up. It is easier to heat yourself via eating, than to heat yourself via heating.

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My Anker LC40 (original) LC90 LC130 are getting long in the tooth, 6 years old.

I looked at new 18650 and 26650 batteries but pricey. I do own plenty of Powercore.

So I got some USB lights and they are bright, I put a USB meter on and confirmed they draw 1W. So say my 20000mah 76Wh would last days.