Power outage tips and tricks - Android and UK specific

And we used to talk to each other by meeting each other.
What do we now?
Writing messages using apps and programs. :grin:

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One of my LC40 broke over the weekend, wobbly dodgy charging port, so I took photos and video and emailed Anker on Sunday , they replied next day Monday saying accepted fault and posted a new unit, delivered today Wednesday.

Excellent service!

I looked at prices, I paid £15 a year ago, it’s now £20. Yikes, inflation!

Ironically Germany may cause our UK blackouts, as they are opening a 2nd sea port for LPG and as Germany is richer than us (we’re significantly poorer due to Brexit) they can outbid us for energy so we run out.

I don’t think accidental blackouts will happen, more managed to lower peak demands. Assuming the unions don’t turn off the power to get a payrise to combat the inflation.

Still, I’ll be fine, got 3 LC40 new type, the original LC40, one working LC90 and a half working out of warranty LC90, and two LC130


(for 3 homes, got some for family)

Its so easy to blame others for one’s own inability!
What do you think in what kind of really big troubles people here are!!!

Ok, if the drought continues impacting Norway’s hydro power, and if the aging nuclear power plants in France fail, and if it’s not windy so UK’s wind turbines don’t turn, and if it’s cold, and if Germany doesn’t cut back it’s demand , and if UK doesn’t cut back it’s demand, and if China’s sluggish economy due to bizarre zero-Covid strategy begins to bounce back, and if Putin is still crazy, then UK may get blackouts.

Is that more accurate.

I just think we locally reduce our consumption and reliance on cheap reliable power. If everyone tries to do that we’ll all be better off. We were consuming as a species more that we should have, led by a consumerist USA.

Too much politics and other themes and thesis’
Thats really not the place to discuss.

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I mention it all to chime in with your comment you can’t change wider issues only address locally.

I visit and help older people than me with different degrees of mobility and mental strength. One of them took my advice to “install” some Eufy motion lights, one hasn’t as they are only accustomed to their fuse box turning power off in their house, and they only keep a flashlight by their bed. The sort of outages I am alerting around as not when in bed, when your eyes already dark adjusted, but in evening, and the street lights out also.

Having protected them from a virus via doing their shopping, until they could get their vaccine, don’t want to see them stumble and bang their heads in a power outage.

If you’re prepared then you’ll be perfectly fine. A few hours of outage is quite easy to handle with a little preparation.

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Much more important than simple light you are talking about
(can be substituted with candles for a while, romantic cold supper/dinner :laughing: )

BUT without electric power ->
Regarding the heating systems :
No pumps for gas, oil heating (Water circulation) and of course the same with such modern heating pumps.

One should also never forget :
Is there is an outage of power supply, many heating systems will do a reset if elder (like mine :smile:)
All data gone.
I know the adjustments of course, many don’t.

All the people under my care have non-electrical heating options, plain old style gas fires lit with peizo or battery spark. One had electrical lit gas hob so I got them a battery operated hand sparking lighter.

In my home I have stock of fuel for heating and cooking, I am not putting that into older people’s homes as they risk a fire, but I can take them a hot meal cooked in my home.

My home the gas powered hot water is yes reliant on electricity to control it so an electrical outage affects hot water, a planned outage is easy to address I simply heat the water in a tank before the outage.

This is all quite easy to handle so long as it’s not an ignored risk.

I am not fearful of an outage, just of the over-reacting of the under-prepared.

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There are NOT many who are in a similar situation like the scenery you mentioned.
Simple gas and oil heating :
They should care a lot about mortal CO intoxication.

Let stupid people install a kind of “open fire places” in the homes without sufficient chimneys
(There are no chimneys in modern buildings)

$14 CO battery powered 7 year life detector can head off that small risk?

You’d want one in every home for many reasons.

Cities have a different issue, if power goes out then the elevator is out. I’m fine I often climb 3000 ft mountains with backpack, but others may struggle. I also moved house last year to be ready, hopefully far in the future, for me to get old, no stairs!

But you raise the point so many are not thinking about the hypothetical issue as they’ve never encountered it.

Currently watching German TV

Never trust in this “xxxxxxx” TV.
The government programs are all full of lies and false informations.
I trashed my TV 15 years ago and I am happy.
Btw My wife has one.
BUT even if you don’t have and use such a lying machine you have to pay fees for here .
That’s called freedom and democracy.!