Poor build quality eufy cams

Hi Eufy community. Just wanted to share something with the broader community. I purchased the 4 cam set around March 2019. Of the pack of 4, three have developed cracks in the lens in less than 3 months since being installed. I live in a very moderate environment where we get min 5 and max 30 and so this is really poor manufacturing and quality control from Eufy. I am close to asking for a full refund as I expect better quality for $1000 and it is also very inconvenient for me having to go back and forth to JBHiFi (where it was purchased in Australia) to get a replacement, which they are quite reluctant to do by the way. I’m hoping it was simply bad batch but I would expect more for the price point. Don’t get me wrong, the product and he support so far is fine but quality is substandard. Eufy, you really need to lift your game. The product is in retail space now so I hope you don’t continue to hide behind the kick starter veil as an excuse. Also we have consumer protections here which are fairly stringent and tends to favour the consumer, so this may come to bite you if you don’t lift your game very soon.


The lens cover glass breaks due to temperature change. The glass and plastic change size, and since they’re hard, it causes the glass to crack. apparently eufy overlooked this. If it has a rubber seal around the glass, it would have fixed this problem.

I would recommend asking them for a refund, and they will probably give it to you, or possible resolve the issue in another way.

Best of luck with your cameras!

Hi @Rosarios

Just send an email to support@eufylife.com and report them the cracked lenses. This issue is well known and you are not the only one who had racked lenses. You have warranty and eufy will take care and send you replacement cams then.

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Oh no! I have a set of 2 arriving today. I live in a place where the temp can swing over 50 degrees f in a single day! :worried:

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Oh thats not a problem … just ask eufy to send you some paletts with a years ration of eufy cams

… so you can replace them every few days when the lenses are cracking :smiling_imp: :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hahahahaha! Just switch em out daily :laughing:

Maybe you can send them back to eufy, and they will replace them with lenses with rubber seals?

Thanks, I went back to my local retailer, JBHiFi, and they agreed to swap out the entire set of 4. I’m not sure if the new set are the improved version or not. Time will tell. I had hoped quality was spot on at the outset and consider this very poor manufacturing and quality assurance oversight, especially for a product that is selling at retail stores here in Australia.

Sadly, I don’t think eufy makes a version that has fixed this issue… I would recommend contacting the eufy support team to insure this doesn’t happen again :wink:

Their help desk emailed me saying that their engineers have identified the root cause and have fixed the issue and that the problem would not occur again. However they did not say if they have recalled or intend to recall the bad batches (which I doubt) or really think this is a software issue, which is simply lip service. Which either way you see it, they either have a low moral compass as they should take accountability for past wrongs or are just incompetent. Neither are great outcomes unfortunately.

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If it breaks again I’m sure they will send you the better version :+1:. Eufy/anker has a great support team!

Yes I agree the support has been very responsive. However in Australia, the product is distributed by a retailer and I am often asked by eufy to go through my retailer. So far the retailer has been accomodating but it is very inconvenient and for the price point for which I paid for this product, I would expect better quality.


Agreed, hope you don’t have to swap them again.


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Hello! @Rosarios Thanks so much for your valuable feedback and suggestion! We have to express our deepest apologies for all inconvenience and disappointment caused by the cracked camera lens. Our associated staffs responsible for the quality inspection are looking into this issue seriously. Please rest assured that we will make further improvement in the lens quality in the following batches of camera. Sincerely sorry for all and any disappointment caused again!

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Glad to see you are active and responding to the reported issues in timely manner @AnkerSupport
@Rosarios now you have a word from Anker :innocent:

Ouch not soo good for 400 camera system also did u know they don’t record 24/7 only when motion is detected that’s how they get there all year battery life :+1:

:information_source: 1 year battery life only is possible and realistic, if you only got a maximum of 10 events per day and only record them for 30 seconds max time. Else:

My main cam is drained empty every 2 weeks(!)
… only possible to run it by having it solar powered now!

If interrested, see here a full documentation with tons of pictures:

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Dude, I just read your profile. I had no idea you didn’t speak English natively. Your English is amazing :+1:! Have you ever lived in an English speaking area?

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LOL … thanks bro :hearts: … but:

Nevertheless … thanks for the kind words!

No. Thats just a combination of shool-english + 6 months studying abroad in the 90’s + 30 years of english online gaming + google translation :laughing: