Official Anker Fan Swag Design Contest



If you think Mr bean and ab-fab is great British humour, it’s no wonder your so sour all the time.

They were slightly humourous back in 1980s when they were created, but this is 30 years later. Even Lenny Henry told a couple good jokes in 1987! Just a shame he is still telling the same jokes :nauseated_face:


That’s rich coming from you :joy::joy:

Thanks for that I needed a good laugh :joy::joy::joy:


This is a great hat !


Amazing job on the last 2 shirts. I’d love to rock those shirts!


Congrats everyone who participated and the top 10
Big ups to our top winner, amazing work
Winner Announcement

Thank you for participating in our Design Contest! The community team and the creative team have seen everyone’s work and appreciated your effort and creativity! :smile:

The winner is @TheCharneco. We will apply his design work on the Community T-shirts.

The top 10 contestants who got the most likes are:
And myself



Congrats to the chosen winners :thumbsup:


Thanks @AnkerOfficial! Congrats to the other awesome winners as well :clap:t2::ok_hand:t2:


Well done to the winner.


Kinda sad my name’s at the bottom of the list :cry: nobody loves my designs


Talk about a great way to start the weekend! This is awesome! Congrats to all the winners! I loved your designs, Rob. :grin: Thanks so much @AnkerOfficial and everyone in here!


Congrats to all the WINNERS!!
To get the t-shirt do we need an USA address?

Thanks :smile:


Im just happy I could take part in this amazing contest to express my love for anker. Well done to all the contestants


Great to see some really “old crew members” here. :grin:

You made a good job fellows AND we had such a lot fun.

That was a funny competition!


Congrats buddy.
Could you show the design again, please?
There were so many good and nice ones. :grin:


Thanks so much! I’m sending them both of these designs. Not sure which they’ll go with, but there’s several combinations they create from them. :smiley:


Congrats, very well deserved. Everyone had awesome concepts and designs, but this one stood out to me each time I was skimming the comments and submissions.


Thanks again.
Discreet, this was what I liked.

“technical stuff” needs such a reserved design not “pushy” :grin:


Congrats to the winners… :thumbsup:
@AnkerOfficial: I know you will give the winning design to these top 10 guys and all Level 7 & up members. Why not throw another challenge so few of us too get a chance to win these?
The top 10 contestants who got the most likes are:


Congrats to the winners! Very nice designs.


Thats dope!