Official Anker Fan Swag Design Contest



I got my t shirt email! Signed up and looking forward to the shirt!!!

Also, I made the February highlights! Thanks @AnkerOfficial


All done and ordered.

Thank you, look forward to getting and proudly wearing.

Anyone not wanting theirs, I’ll pm you my Addy n size.


So I’m sitting here with just a couple of points to make level 7. Kinda sad I won’t be sporting an Anker Tee! :cry:


You will eventually


Look up! I just made level 7!!! So @AnkerOfficial can I please get an email for my shirt? Many Many Thank you!


You have a good timing! :grin:


Email received, T-shirt survey filled in. Thank you @AnkerOfficial and @TheCharneco for a fabulous gift :gift:


Just filled the Survey, now waiting for the T-Shirt! :smiley:


I hope you get a shirt man :+1:


We are communicating with the t-shirt production company and expect to finish all the printing work at the end of this month. Hope you will receive the special t-shirt in April.:hugging:


So do I @ikari04warrior ! Haven’t heard anything from @AnkerOfficial so maybe not. I made level 7 like hours after they announced the emails were out so I think I didn’t make the finish line in time.


I think it’s was said… When you become level seven, you pm Anker, and let them know…

You should have gotten a pm telling you, that your reached level 7, just reply to that.


I hope it was a good choice to pick L. I mean I’m just 6’ 2"


Did you try sending them an email? Just to clarify things


Send @AnkerOfficial a private message with your shipping address and t-shirt size.:grin:


Today I have received my T-shirt!!! THANK YOU ANKER!


Your designs were pretty good too :thumbsup:


Thank you :slight_smile:


Happy you got your t shirt


Still hoping there will be something with mona lisa on it :grin: