[New Release] PowerWave+ Stand



A solar powered stand with a powerbank would be nice. Just add a display to see how the solar charging speed is and it will rock the online shops :slight_smile:


Good designed.

But aren't these already available.
More and more items:
All similar!


Thanks for the info as always @joshuad11

I always laugh at pictures like the first one. The fact that society has gone so far down to the point that we need to point out the actual phone is sold separately...

It’s like a pack of peanuts with an allergy warning of “may contain nuts”


Because there are real consumers who have misunderstood, so we optimized the copy.:joy:


Not gonna lie, I’m kinda disappointed that the iPhone is sold separately and doesn’t come with it :wink:


You’ve got to be careful... :laughing:



I think I said... IT LOOKS LIKE IT MIGHT BE USBC. ... Or by the photo (which ain't great on a phone) USBC . I never said it was definitely USBC.

NO NEED FOR THE JAB THO, THAT POINT SCORING IS CHILDISH :baby_bottle::baby_bottle::baby_bottle:


Nice wireless charger, Thanks for sharing


Haha, not point scoring.


No wonder, Anker included the foot note "Phone Sold separately"


Any chance this will be released to Amazon?


There are powerwave wireless stands on Amazon,

What the difference is between them n this, neither I nor others seems to know.


I also looked at wireless pads on line. I didn't see this one listed.

I wondering if this is an exclusive to BestBuy. If so it may be the reason for an updated version


Stay tuned.


Thanks @joshuad11 for always bringing us the latest releases. I'll probably won't buy this wireless charger, but looking forward to others' reviews on it


This two PowerWave+ chargers will mainly sell in Walmart. :innocent:


You mean Best Buy?


Sorry for the confusion. It will mainly focus on Walmart.


Saw the PowerWave+ Pad at Walmart yesterday for $44.94


45-55 is still a bit too expensive IMHO