Nebula deals Amazon US



I found Nebula deals on Amazon that are actual discounts. There are some other Nebula products with “deals” on Amazon but their discounted price is basically the updated price that Nebula site gives so not really a discount.

  1. Nebula Capsule (Black) - $299.99 + free shipping ($50 discount)

[EXPIRED] 2) Nebula Mars II - $449.99 + free shipping (after $50 discount coupon)

  1. Nebula Capsule (Red) - $239.99 + free shipping (31% discount with code NBLA4MOM)

  2. Nebula Prizm II - $189.99 + free shipping ($80 discount)

*discount coupon = coupon available on Amazon site

[US] Mother's Day Discount

Thanks for sharing these deals. I like that you are dividing the deals into brands, so it’s more organized.


Thank! I’m planning on organizing the Anker’s deal thread further because they sell a ton of products under the same brand. I felt this was better so I don’t end up creating a ton of threads because it looks like point farming :joy:


If you end up doing one product per topic, yes that would look like point farming…nothing wrong with creating a new thread when deal(s) surface :slight_smile:

Can be useful to update your topic title to include ‘expired’ or the like when the deal finally finishes :ok_hand:


There was always a need for badges


Nice deals!


Updated the deal with Prizm 2


I just looked at the Nebula site and saw that Mars wasn’t in the list. Just the Mars Lite and Mars 2 were to be seen. Does anyone know what’s going on?


Updated deal with Mother’s Day discount


Gonna be updating these threads again today


did the price change?


No I just added the last deal (number 4) and changed the red capsule deal to expired. I’ll take a look at the red capsule again tomorrow to see if the code still works


Not much to change here either. Mars 2 deal has expired so hopefully everyone got their projector while the deal was still active :joy: