Nebula Capsule 2 Problems



Hi there I have had my Nebula Capsule 2 for about two weeks now this is my second one as the first one would not work

Second one has now got problems were I cannot load Netflix installed it but when you click it nothing happens Amazon Video Prime works

Also all the apps run very slowly even U Tube is slow to load they really need to sort these problems out auto focus sometimes works there should be settings to adjust the colour contrast as well

I would love to hear your thoughts and problems you are having!!!


Might be worth putting this in the Nebula section rather than the Eufy section


Are you in contact with our customer support team regarding these new issues? Was there any resolution?


Hi there really getting fedup with Support I have done everything they asked me to do I even re booted the projector to orginal settings still cannot get Netflix to work not happy at all with this projector