My second anker soundcore 2 still has the audio fluctuation issue

I purchased a soundcore 2 about a month ago from amazon uk and there was a very strange audio fluctuation issue, so i returned it.
I purchased another one a few days ago because of a price reduction again on amazon uk.
The audio fluctuation issue still persists unfortunately even on my second model, however it is less noticeable.
I emailed anker about this and they offered me a refund and recommended the boost, but I’m still hesitating whether I should keep it or not because the audio fluctuation is less noticeable this time.
I’m considering returning my soundcore 2 and purchasing a soundcore boost but I’m hesitant of the quality of these speakers because of my bad experience with the soundcore 2.
@AnkerOfficial any advice?

Hi @soundlover , this has been mentioned by another member here so it maybe worth a look of the opinions;

You could try recontacting @AnkerOfficial or as the reporting member of that thread had a replacement that did not have the issue.

I’m still suspecting a replacement would have the same issue. As I mentioned my new one has the issue but its less noticeable.

I’d say contact Anker again, they are very good with customer service from what I’ve read.

Hi @soundlover , I’m sorry to hear that your second SoundCore 2 still have audio fluctuation issues. We do take our quality control very seriously with numerous and rigorous checks in place so for a customer to receive a defective product is an unusual occurrence, but to hear of a single customer receiving two items that don’t perform to our high standards is very rare indeed. We will forward the details of the case straight to our quality control team so they can be made aware of the situation.

However, if you suspect a replacement would have the same issue, I would suggest you to choose SoundCore boost, you can check the review on amazon to learn more, also here are the video review for SoundCore boost, which made by our community members. Hoping all these things can help you make a good decision.:grin:

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I’m happy to report Anker have taken care of my issue. Very impressed by their customer service. Will definitely be buying from them again.



I got mine today and I seem to have this same issue. I think this issue has several threads here with a slighty different description/terminology, like Soundcore 2 strange pumping in some songs? & Soundcore 2 Volume Fluctuations & Volume problem on Anker Sport XL etc…

I´ll give it a few more days and ask someone elses opinion first. Without this forum & some Amazon reviews I would be sure that the problem is between my ears :wink:

Yeah if you contact anker and see if they can fix it over email or phone or something.

This has worked for me: FIRMWARE UPDATE

Hope it works for you as well.

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