My Powerhouse II 400 Review

Thanks for show casing the lights. I was wondering how well they worked since it would come in handy for me.
Great review makes me want one even more.

Thanks for the detailed review.

This product would make so much heat when fully loaded it would naturally resist moist environments, as damp encroaching it would evaporate. But if it were then powered off that evaporation would then condense.


Awesome review and great photos :ok_hand:

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Great review @Tank! Those are some nice photos especially ones showing the light in action. Btw I don’t think I understood this completely but is it the Powerhouse’s fault that it was sending out more power to the ring light than needed? Or is it something that the light ring should control?

Where did you buy the baby yoda from?

Great review

@Mike246810 I made them with my 3d printer
@Shivam_Shah my lifht ring should have regulated the voltage, either way I replaced it with a new one and the new one works properly so I think the light controller just failed


What kind of 3D printer do you use and can you power it with the powerhouse?

Poor review, no testing - descriptive writing , lot of pictures.

And yet

Did you mean to reply to a different review?


I don’t think any of us here are professional reviewers @thitraceba And those that are lucky enough to be chosen do our best in within our own abilities.
Personally I value a real world real person review like this rather than a glitzy often paid for result.

While everyone has a right to their opinion and we never discourage people from sharing it, I’d like to share my opinion and say "you’re wrong"

What plans do you have for the weekend?
Feel free to join in and let us know here;


I think they are just mad they didn’t get it.



Nice review @Tank

Now that my wife and I are doing a lot more camping and soon to be doing some off grid camping in the future, one of these might helpful and keep us from pulling out the generator at night just to charge our phones, camera gear, rechargeable lighting gear, and computer (so I can work when needed). Its good to know that I can’t get a full night’s sleep with the cpap. I just started using one and trying to figure out the best way to power it while camping.

Thorough review as usual @tank , looking forward to the upcoming video review to see it in action :ok_hand:

Professor Reponse was this review. There is another review by other user which is great than one, no comparison. This review here is by a large level user so dissappointed. Putting photos and descriptive words does not make a review. This is review done for the sake of doing, has no heart or soul, like some kid say a story.Some members done better for a wireless powerbank or a charger. Paul I read you review for power bank, you did good. Read and compare this. I am good person and new here so getting used. I pulled into here from Facebook. dont know anyone so give a neutral open point.

This good community

OK I’ll break it down.

That is a perfectly valid position to take, each has their own opinion, yours is no way better or worse than someone else’s and should be respected.

This is not true. Blatantly. If you had not said this you’d not have me challenging. There clearly is testing, significant amounts.

Here I’m mixed, I neither agree/disagree, it’s not important to me, I’m not sure I’d see enough of an issue here to comment on it.

I consider this a plus, you consider it a minus. We often lack pictures, as it’s marketing, so more pictures the better to balance out other content.

Yes we all can be better as reviewers. I’m sure I can review better. So can you. Looking forward to your future reviews and so we can give input and make you a better reviewer.

So when I add up your reply:

  • opinion (neutral)
  • incorrect statement obviously (negative)
  • different opinion (neutral)

I conclude overall I disagree.

Looking forward to you contributing, doing reviews, to add to the body of information. We certainly need better than the erroneous Amazon listings. :slight_smile:


Hey guys I wanna apologize my original video somehow got screwed up while rendering and when it got done it was all static and vocals could barely be heard. So I hope you accept this poorly done video that I threw together really quick, just to have a video to post as I promised one today.

@ankerofficial I’m sorry if I let yall down with my review…

Nice review @Tank! Thanks for including pictures of the LED Spotlight and Strip light- it’s often hard to tell how useful those types of lights are from reviews alone, but you documented the brightness very well. Cheers. (P.S. nice 3d-printed mando)

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Well done. Thanks for the review.