Lost Liberty lite earbud

Hi, i lost my right earbud is there any chance to buy only the right in Italy or Europe?


Your best bet it to contact support at service@soundcore.com

They probably will not have a way for you to do this, but it’s worth a shot :wink:.

Best of luck!

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Thanks I ll try


Ouch that’s gotta hurt I am sure anker can help you out on that one must be a bummer though

yeah it hurt a lot, sometimes I open the box hoping it was a bad dream :sweat_smile:


Fear not my friend, you can still use just the left earbud to help get you by until you can either source a replacement or get one from Anker.
In order to use the left try this:
Press and hold down the button to power off the left earbud, then- Press once to turn on the left earbud—the white indicator light will be flashing. Then, quickly tap three times to enter pairing mode.
Search “Soundcore Liberty Lite L” and pair it with your phone.


Yeah i know, but i dont feel comfortable

I have misplaced one of my buds before and I’ve been lucky enough to find them each time.
Another thing that I have done a couple of times is drop the Case and both buds come flying out.
So to resolve that I have used a couple of Anker Cable Ties to hold the charging case closed.

I’ve dropped my liberty air twice in the past few weeks. Each time the buds fly out of the case, and land somewhere in my slobbish hoard under my bed. Since they auto-connect I just play the loudest music I have and turn the volume up all the way. I can usually hear them if I’m within 3 feet


My friend lost the case and contacted Anker support. They offered to sell a refurbished case for some cheap price. Good luck!

Not sure if we can only sell the right earbud, but i think you need to contact our support team for a try.:innocent:

A lot of headphone manufacturers sell their tips,wings separately.

Due to the fact, they cost pence/cents to make a full set, and can be sold for a lot more. Easy money.

Mass produced pressure molded silicon bits, sold plus S&H for dollars/pounds

One very big company even sells a spare set of total wireless buds minus charge case for half original price, and of course a spare charge case.

Hes talking about he lost the actual earbud itself not the tips…but as far as companies offering a replacement, I only know of apple who does that and they charge exactly half of what a new set would cost

Apple trying to squeeze every last drop of money out of people :confused:. Because- although it’s half -you don’t get the case :frowning:

The company I was refering to, it’s approx 120 for the full kit, and 70 for just the earbuds (both ear buds!) Plus the tips n wings can be bought separately.

Thank you so much for this. I actually just lost mine at the market today. It fell off without me knowing. The left ear was at home With the charging case and I felt it’s useless coz it’s the right ear that has Bluetooth. But immediately I got home I just googled and stumbled on your comment and guess what i tried what you said and it worked. Am so grateful. It was a gift I just got. Am happy it’s not completely useless and I can still use one ear. Thank you

Got ya on what you are saying. It should be about a 3rd depending on the case cost…