Liberty Air microphone not working on calls



I just purchased a pair of soundcore Liberty air wireless earbuds. They sound great they’re very comfortable the only problem I’m having is when I make a phone call nobody can hear anything I’m saying! It seems as if the microphone starts to work and then cuts out. And I cannot find any information anywhere to troubleshoot the issue. Please help! Am I overlooking something? It would be nice if there was a downloadable manual or troubleshooting guide online but I just can’t seem to find anything anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Let’s start with What phone are you pairing them to?


@elmo41683 Thank you for your reply. @Mitchell_Bagley Please find the FAQ for Liberty Air Regarding the mic issue of the earbuds, would you please let us know the model of the phone you used? Please put the earbuds back to the charging case and taking them out again to see if it works. If the problem persists, please contact us via, we will help you with the exchange. Thanks


I have the same issue with iPhone X.
Al working well but the microphone.
Siri cannot hear me. When I make a call no one cal hear me.
Can you help me?


I am also having issue with people that I am talking to not being able to hear me well. They say I sound muffled


I just got mine and I was on a call yesterday and was having no issues. Both on the phone or connected through my computer. But today…total opposite. it sounds like i am in the back of a car. Nobody can hear me.

I’ve connected to my iPhone XS and a 2016 model Macbook Pro. In both situations people can barely hear me.


@Austin_Baker Try deleting the Bluetooth profile and then try a fresh repairing


So I am having a similar problem. My ear buds will work fine with music but the moment I get a call they cut off. I am unable to hear anything and people can’t hear me. After I hang up I won’t be able to hear music. If I put them back into the charging box and take them out I can hear music.
I am using a pixel 3xl.
I have tried to reset the buds multiple times to no success. I have tried to disconnect from the buds still nothing.
It is frustrating that I love these earbuds but have a major flaw.


In your bluetooth setting make sure it’s set to phone calls and audio otherwise it will just play audio


I have done that as well. They still won’t work. Any time any app enables the microphone it will cut out the sound and won’t play anything after. Only after I insert and remove the buds from the case will I hear any sound again…


Good day! I have a Sony Xperia xa1 plus and I have the same problem with the microphone. Music works, switches, but not Google assistant or interlocutors can not hear me. Tell me how to solve the problem