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As you probably know, I don’t really understand how charging works. I really want to know and understand this. Do you know of any good articles or videos that can help explain the basics? I need to understand volts, amps, Wh, how to multiply to find the capacity etc.

Anyone else who had any suggestions feel free to chime in :grin:


Hmmmm, @TechMan maybe you could have posted this in a more appropriate place. This here post is the “LEVEL UP PARTY!” just kidding bro! You do have a valid question


Don’t worry I’ll send you some details about charging in simple terms after work today. I’m away from my desk at the moment.


Google is your friend :wink:


Anker did a thing on batteries a while back, do a search.

As for the technicals… If I remember rightly, chemicals get heated up inside the case, and when “cooked” the battery is charged again.


1st link is a piece of crap (the guy has no idea about anything) just a showoff
2nd link is reasonable


Yeah, that’s kinda why I asked here. I figured google isn’t always reliable…


Agree with you… Google and all the search engines have made us dumb… no one wants to understand, but everyone wants to know… there is a clear difference between understanding and knowing :innocent:


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@ktkundy Congrats on the leveling up!


If someone has really no idea of a device or a technical process he could be mislead by Gockel (sic) very easy. Not always first quality what poppes up, even at the pole position.


Eek, just reached level 5 tonight!!

I know it’s massive steps to get any higher, but am enjoying the ride and learning more about Anker products each day so although I’m not from a majorly techy background I like to find products that are easy for anyone to use and bring into family households to enjoy!


This is very true.

When I worked for the passport office, taking calls for information and appointments, and rarely legal advice (these we passed to proper staff).

Sometimes we get a caller who said they had googled, and called the first company, only to find out it wasn’t official and was in truth rubbish, but cost £20 on premium call, which tells you at the end… For more information, call the passport office on… Hahahaha

To be fair, the passport office partitioned Google to stop it giving the false hope it was a legit company. As it seemed like it was a.legitimate source of.information, people paid for it, not knowing there was a FREE call to the official price. Oops


This happens to my daughter when needing some forms. She had to pay for. Afterwards she found out all these were official ones and those were free of course.
A lot of cheaters around at googles pole positions.
Google never minds : Money!


Congrats on reaching level 5! If you continue to stay active you will hit level 6 in no time!


Congratulations @star100x for reaching level 5 :clap:


We can never trust all that comes from the search results, I don’t blame google or any search engine for that, these search engines crawl and index the web, and show up the results based on some algorithm they have. The final results may be dubious… with that, will stop here, before any moderator comes back saying I am going offtrack here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: this thread is for Level Up and party :smiley:


Congrats @star100x !


I sent you a PM about battery charging (didn’t wanted to corrupt this thread :wink:)


Congrats to @star100x on leveling up