Level Up Party!



Well said :joy:


Point farmers are gonna be out of a job after Monday


I guess I’ll quit the community :man_shrugging:


lol… be positive, there will be more chances to farm than what is available… remember Anker wants more community members :wink:


Lol I just might quit as well lol

I hope you are right. Let’s hope the new changes are not bad


Congrats to everyone who has been leveling up so great to see so many active people


Lol go for top spot.

You’ll prob overtake me in points soon :joy:
(Edited as I thought I was still on lvl 9 lol)

Oh and your how batteries work question …

The answer is quite simple …
… it’s magic :mage:t3:‍♂


I still have a decent way to go until level 10 :wink:


I think everyone will be happy about that :pray:


Well okay… I’m curious about your username… why did you choose it?


Whoa! Since your Level 0 just look at it on the bright side, you now have a great chance of winning powerdraws and random giveaways!


I guess someone secretly hates me :confused:


Why would anyone hate you? You are one of the most liked people here!


I don’t think so :confused::pensive:


You like this name ? :thinking:
The name was available, so it’s mine. Does this name have any special meaning? :sweat_smile:


Hahah, it’s a fine name. I’m satisfied with mine though :+1:


I always thought you are not here for the points :joy:


Yeah, I really like that name too.
What do you think of this? :zipper_mouth:


its you against you (the former you which you gave up your name) :joy:

some negatives of changing username :frowning: