Just unboxed my motion+ and already having problems :(

For some reason when pairing with my labtop the motion+ sound will skip like a record might on dust or the sound with just cut off for a split second, constantly. This doesn’t happen if I pair the motion+ with my cell phone which is weird. It also doesn’t happen when I pair my other bluetooth speaker (oontz) to my labtop. I’m at a loss. I’ve tried restarting and repairing etc. Any thoughts. Probably just gonna return it. Maybe it was faulty?

Are you using Windows 10?
If so, delete the default bluetooth driver
and replace it with that from the bt-card manufacturer.

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Sounds like a BT driver or revision issue. What OS are you running @shakey?

Make sure the drivers are updated

It may be a number of issues.

Ensure your Bluetooth drivers are up to date. Delete your Bluetooth device and search and add. Check in forums for your laptop make model for best drivers.

The Motion+ is finniky for sure. There is a revised version coming soon which may address the funky unreliability.

Delete all pairings on all devices. All.
Turn off Bluetooth on all devices. All

Follow reset instructions. I suspect the reset isnt always working.

Pair only with laptop, never anything else.

See if that fixes it.

I’m on Macbook pro retina mid 2015 OS X Yosemite

Are you deleting the pairing like this? (like below but obviously Motion+)


So delete the pairing as above, delete any other pairings you may have made, turn off all Bluetooth of everything ever paired, then reset the Motion+


Then pair the Motion+ (like below but obviously Motion+)

I’ve tried it all. I turned off all other bluetooth devices. Removed all the devices like pictured above, reset the motion+, restarted the computer, all the things. I also don’t have this problem with my neighbors JBL flip or my old oontz that I was hoping to replace. I’m not entirely sure how to update my driver. I was able to find the new update that by computer is too old for, so that didn’t help. I also found a old update, but when I tried downloading the older update I got the notification that I couldn’t download it bc my BT was already up to date. So while I’m not 100% sure, I’m pretty sure my BT driver is up to date. Where in forums do I check?

Mac is a closed ecosystem so the drivers are as up to date as possible.

Personally I’d return it. It happens, some combination of hardware software just don’t get along and it’s noone fault.

Nose around in Mac forums for similar issues, don’t think of it as a Soundcore fault, just search for the symptoms for any type of speaker and look for fixes.

Chances are this is a hardware version issue, your Mac is different Bluetooth version than your phone and the Motion+ just doesn’t like your Mac but likes your phone.

The most obvious candidate fault is you’re mixing Bluetooth versions.

Your laptop



The Motion+ is BT 5

Your phone is probably BT 5

Those other speakers may be BT 4.2

It’s a guess.

well thanks for the help. So sounds like you think I will encounter the same problem If I exchange it for another motion+?

You should ask the support.

Have you tried resetting your BT module which can often resolve a number of BT issues on MacOS?

I just tried the reset but to no avail. I guess the question is try to exchange for another motion+ or count my losses and seek else where?
…what a disappointment

As this works with your phone but not your laptop, I’m erring on the side this not a dud unit which a replacement would fix, but an issue between the hardware software of this combination, so I’d be erring on return full refund in this situation.

If you said didn’t work with laptop and phone, I’d be thinking dud unit and warranty replacement.

Before you return, focus more of your attention not here, not on the speaker, but more on your Mac tips and tricks. The speaker works with phone, not Mac, so it’s a shared problem with the Mac.

My old laptop works better with my older speakers / earphones, my newer phone works better with my newer speakers / earphones, it’s more an issue of supported drivers and profiles and codecs. Some combinations simply do not get along together, it’s a fact of technology.

The core of your problem is your laptop is a generation in technology behind the speaker and you’re expecting them to work together. Your phone is giving you a hint.

All my newer speakers are working perfectly with my very old laptops.
I suppose its not such a question of hardware ( bt card) but the drivers should be up to date.
And may be LINUX is better than MacOS and Windows. :grin:

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