I need your suggestion regarding chargers and powerbank from anker

I have been with anker since 2018 and follow discussions. I want to buy an ultimate solutions for problems related to charging. The charger currently im using is very slow. There are a lot options available to go with in anker. So which one should i choose. Help me selecting both… A powerbank and and a powerful adapter. Also i seen a big charging station there in community. How would be that to go with. My needs are a couple of laptops and 5 mobile phones.

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What are the phones type c or lighting?. What is the laptop as well?

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Now to your question:

I would basically just quote what @Unnamed said. I have pretty much one of every type, it depends on your specs.
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You can take a look at this Powercore. It will have enough juice to power your devices on the go


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I have 2 with c port and 3 normal mobile phones. 1 sony vaio laptop and one hp notebook. Thats it.

Our ability to give you the best advice is directly tied to explicit detail of all your devices.

I can’t tell if your laptop is 45W or 60W and if it will use 30W. You should be able to find out and tell us.

Ahead of you supplying my guess is you want these:

This will give 60W output from one port but two 30W if use both ports. So you can decide based on your needs of the moment how to use. If you can find out if your laptop will actually charge off 30W then if so then when you plug in a 2nd item you can be charging both, but if your laptop cannot use 30W then this probably is not the ideal choice for you.

This give 45w output, which probably is sufficient for your laptop, and typically is lower cost than the higher end models. It’s the same model as mentioned above. It does come bundled with a 60W charger, so if you bought both you’d have combined 120W across two chargers and decide which or both you use.

There are more powerful powerbanks, but you probably won’t get benefit as, by definition, the situation when you need to use them is when spending a long time away from wall socket and so you have the powerbank with you and just plug it in early during the long session of laptop use. The powerbank recharges in < 4 hours so you can do for example shuttling the powerbank between wall and laptop.


Oh i see… Here is the detail of my laptop charger
Yup i got what you are trying to say.

I’d recommend the PowerHouse II 400. Charge anything forever… :slight_smile:

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Thanks, that helps some. The upper charger is telling me the HP is capable of being effectively charged from 60W, the lower Sony one is saying it wants >60W.

The HP laptop model number? Look it up to see if it’s USB-C PD chargeable and its max and min.
The Sony laptop model number? Look it up to see if it’s USB-C PD chargeable and its max and min.

Not that many laptops can be charged off USB-C PD, those that can’t probably can charged via DC cable which Anker used to make and may make again.

Hi, thanks for your help here is the info you needed. The first one is Sony and another is HP that you might differntiate. .


Also im attaching the pics of ports there available as an additional info.

So let me educate a little.

There are 3 ways of charging a laptop:

  1. the original charger, these have non-USB ports. There’s nothing can be done if this is the only option.

  2. A USB-C charger with a DC cable. Anker made a cable which came in a few variants so can use a USB-C charger and the cable instead of the above.


  1. A USB-C charger. This is the ideal, perfect answer, but few laptops can be charged this way. You need both a USB-C PD input port and the laptop to be explicitly stating it can be charged from it. That involves looking up the exact model number and then the manufacturer’s site, and ideally cross-check with a forum for the laptop to see if it’s actually verified to be working.

Your laptops clearly don’t have USB-C ports, they are too old so the 3) option does not apply in your case.

The Sony Vaio E model

It isn’t one listed in the Anker compatibility.

Good news your HP is supported.

Your HP charger is 65W so we have a match.

Bad news - it’s currently unavailable.

Net overall conclusion:

  • you cannot charge either laptop using USB-PD chargers from Anker.
  • you have to use the supplied Sony / HP chargers.
  • from Anker the overlapping product is the Powerhouse. As you only need a max of 100W then any of them will suffice. For example


Or the larger version

Note these cannot be flown with, they exceed the 100Wh max flight size. Anker announced a 100Wh version early this year but it’s not released for sale yet.

It will charge your laptops via it’s AC port and your chargers and your phones via the USB A and C ports.

It is a USA only product (probably Canada too if lucky) - what country you’re in.

So right now, within Anker shipping product, this is the best solution for you.

What I did to solve your same problem was I have a laptop (a Thinkpad) which doesn’t leave the house, and what I travel with is a big tablet which charges off USB-PD 18W so say a 20000 PD Powercore is fine for me. I’d encourage purchasing USB-C chargeable laptops going forward, research to ensure they can be charged from USB-C (some models have USB-C ports but can’t be charged from them).

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So which one applies in my case? Im lot confused now.

Edited the post above to a fuller analysis.

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Okay! Will go through after some time. Thanks for your suggestions! Everyone!

Which one did you choose OP?

@ikari04warrior Initially the powercore and later i will switch to the powerhouse ll 400.