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Simple question:

The best band?

I vote first, as an old senior:

The Beatles

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This is a tough one, because it really depends on the genres. there is no one band to rule all bands


Of course I know there are various musical genres.
And there are much more different tastes.
But let’s talk about!
Think there is much to discover.

I will not dare to ask the best classical composers.
But shht… my 3 favourites:
Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert! :innocent:

I forgot the operas!
Puccini, Verdi and Wagner. Different style as italian an german, but great!

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That is a tough subject to address. Much like “best movie”, there’s so much personal preference involved.

That said, I do like The Beatles a lot. I daresay I learned most of my English from wanting to understand the lyrics - true story, I sat for a few hours with a dictionary and an English grammar while I listened to The Beatles reading the lyrics. I recently went to a Paul McCartney concert here in Montreal, a dream come true.


I like Mozart but prefer Beethoven. I don’t really know why, i just always ended up listening to him over Mozart.

See I like rap, Hip hop, jazz, rock, so each one is subjective depending on my mood. I may like and love a person one day but hate them the next. I guess I really just prefer to listen to the beats and musical instruments over vocals, hence why I like Beethoven and Mozart.

For Rap, of course its personal preference, but I like DMX
R&B I like Alicia Keys
Jazz I like Miles Davis
Rock would be Metallica


I agree, definitely the Beatles, and I’m not even old.

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You see it is possible.

Just a small hint to Mozart.
You might find many of his bohemian contemporaries at youtube.
eg. Rosseti-Roessler, Hummel, Benda…
And LvB: You should discover Ferdinand Ries ( a student of Beethoven)
May be you know him already! :wink:

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+1 though I would have to lean towards Queen


Oh yes, Freddie (RIP) !

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Queen would be up there for me. I do love me some AC/DC though.

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Earth Wind and Fire :smile:

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As for a band I can listen to any day, at any time, anywhere, it has to be QUEEN.



My top 3 bands:

  1. The Roots
  2. Rage Against the Machine
  3. Blue Man Group

Already we are at odds with what we are really discussing here. The Beatles, Queen, EWF, RAtM, those are bands. Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert as far as I understand, are composers. One could argue that solo artists could be compared with bands. On top of that, we will tend to talk about bands/artists most likely known worldwide, as are all those mentioned - which means a majority of English-speaking artists/bands.

So, not to hijack Franz idea - sorry @fhassm - but how about we just suggest each other some music the others might not know? It can be your country’s traditional music, the best band you know no one else knows about, the bigger artist in your country that never broke out internationally, things like that.

For Brasilian music, here are some suggestions:


  • Legião Urbana
  • Engenheiros do Hawaii
  • Barão Vermelho
  • Titãs
  • Paralamas do Sucesso
  • Kid Abelha
  • Natiruts
  • Kayamaré

Solo Artists

  • Zélia Duncan
  • Zeca Baleiro
  • Vanessa da Mata
  • Tiê
  • Roberta Campos
  • Roberta Sá
  • Marisa Monte
  • Renato Russo
  • Roberta Sá
  • Paulinho Moska
  • Nando Reis
  • Monique Kessous
  • Maria Gadú
  • Lulu Santos
  • Lenine
  • Cássia Eller
  • Cazuza
  • Adriana Calcanhoto

Look it out on YouTube, you are bound to find some videoclips, concerts or those photo montages with the song on the background. There’s a mix of styles on that list, from rock to reggae to ska - including some very Brazilian styles. Hope you like it!

Share yours!


OK Tiago “velho amigo” :slight_smile:

Its difficult to tell you something about german music:
Helene Fischer or Herbert Grönemeier are not my taste. :worried:
(May be my daughter would be better to write about as she is in the game) I will ask here.

The classical composers I mentioned were only an addendum.
And the other composers I mentioned were hints to our friend elmo
who likes Beethoven and Mozart.

So let’s go back to NON UK/US groups/artists.

I like Portuguese music (Fado)
May be many of our friends here haven’t heard about this genre.

So let’s list some

"Fadistas portuguesas :
A rainha (The queen): Amalia Rodriques (claro :heart_eyes: )
Gisela Joao
Pedro Moutinho
Antonio Zambujo

Guitarra Portuguesa :
(a special type of guitar with a very special sound)
Joao Manuel Neto
Luis Guerreiro
Alexandre Bateiras

You my find all these at Youtube and you may have a listen.

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I once listened to a German jazz song called Geh Jetzt, by Joy Denalane, which is beautiful. It was before the days of Spotify and Apple Music, so it was one of the very few occasions I bought a song on iTunes right after listening to it for the first time!

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I remember a german Song one which I liked much, but YEARS ago:

Major Tom by Peter Schilling !

The Youtube video is great!

The whole genre was called “Neue Deutsche Welle” was about 1976!
This was really good music!

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Can’t give accurate details

In 2000, I was long-distance dating a polish girl, on one visit, she brought a CD(remember them?) with her, and.i.listened to it, to death… Sometimes with the CD-WALKMAN as I went about (last.model I had was “supposedly” skip proof… Bollox!)

It was a blend of trance and polish folk and (bear with me) sort of ambient style.

Although I couldn’t undererstand a single word, I found it so relaxing :relieved::relieved::relieved: (mind I think the hand-rolled helped too‽)

It’s a good version that one…I kinda prefer the German language one over the English version…perhaps because it’s a new take :slight_smile:

I was thinking about the German version.

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