Got the Anker PowerPort Strip PD today

It is one nice piece of equipment with just enough ports to handle my remote work lifestyle! Thanks Anker :slight_smile:

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Hey @aheadnetworkmgmt glad you liked it.
Do you have any photos of it in the home/work environment?
All the best.

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Why you thanking Anker?

You’re not the free winner of

Nor in this list

Although you did express interest in the PowerExtend USB-C Capsule…

For once i thought the winners of 1 of 500 competition winners were announced… Then saw that winners will be announced on May 8th


Chinese long holiday weekend delay.

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Maybe thanking anker for making a product that they like and enjoy?

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OK but the natural price for the

Is $50 and fluctuate up/down with the lowest being $35 but $40 fairly often. Someone will be kicking themselves paying $50…

I didn’t win it, I purchased this device.

I still would love to try this device as I have a different use-case for it versus the Strip I purchased.

So what did you actually buy and what are you asking to try? Confused…

(we’re dumb here, pictures help!)

Edit: I see

Hopefully you got it for $40

Yes, although I haven’t had time to mount it yet.

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Glad you liking your powerstrip
Hope to win one of those soon lol

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Oh I have that powerstrip. I wish it was a little heavier, but I know that’s just me being weird

Weird is paying extra for a strip with PD and not use it.

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I hope you planned to connect it to power devices :rofl:

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I plan to use it for a tablet at some point… :slight_smile:

It only outputs 30W, not enough for my HP Omen Laptop (135W) or MacBook Pro Laptop (87W).

Of course, I need an Anker USB-C that can output 30W which I don’t have yet.

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You enjoy it mate :+1:t2:

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