+++ GENERAL eufycam TODO-LIST +++

Is Neil @ndalby on vacation?! :wink:


Any other mod around who can adjust the timestamp of the first post to the current date so i can
edit the list again? Thanks! :kissing_heart:

You can ask @TechnicallyWell or @AnkerOfficial

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Could you please try it again now?

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Thx, but not working, date of the post is still 2 June.
If you set it to 9 August i can edit it again for x days.

It looks like I can edit everything but the date! :joy: I’ll have to ask ndalby how he did it!
@yamyam, in the meantime, do you want to send me your changes and I can go ahead and make them?

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Thanks for the offer, but the list-update is not that important and when eufy needs weeks to bring an update, i can do that too! :laughing:

@ndalby will probably tell us (you) when he is back from his holidays :palm_tree:

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To add to the todo list, I suggest an API to catch event or remotely command the eufcam system from a local system : A smart home box for example.

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Thanks for the suggestion. As i am not that much into smart home boxes that much:
Can you formulate an exact point (like you can see above in the TODO-List, which i can add 1:1 then? Thanks.

Or want me to add:

Adding/Open an API to catch event or remotely command the eufcam system from a local system. (a smart home box for example)

For me there is 2 importante changes MUST DO

  1. Improve speed of record when move detected its delay about 5 seconds to start record, I have arlo pro2 and begin record instantly. In my case 5 seconds is the time in that a person could appear in camera. This point I think is priorit in security system

  2. Geofencing activation again arlo have this and multidevice, if I leave my home but my girlfriend is inside nothing happens, but if the home get alone the system auto arm… that very useful because not always same time leave or come to home


hi @Miguel.Coupe

I will add Point 2 of your suggestions to the TO-DO-List as soon as @ndalby is back from his world travel :earth_africa: and i am able to edit it again. :+1:

Regarding Point 1:
5 seconds sounds weird to me. And of course it is not acceptable. But even if eufy promised/promotes 0,6 seconds - in reality it should be around 1-1,5 sec. That’s what most suers reported in the past months. 5 sec is much too long. You should write an email to support@eufylife.com and discuss that with the support.

Hi @yamyam, still on my travels but am checking in when it’s quiet :slightly_smiling_face:

During the last community update the ability to shift times and dates have been removed (at least for mods) so neither myself or @TechnicallyWell can modify the date stamp of your posts.

I would suggest changing the topic title of this one to archived and creating a new topic with the content of your initial post and the extras you were wanting to add.

Unless @AnkerOfficial can add some suggestions on users modifying older posts?

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Very sad to read this :sleepy:

Negative. This would spread everything in plenty of new threads all 3 months!
Also the posts from this thread would get “lost” and forgotten!

I want it all in this thread, in one thread, centralized.

There must be somone who can edit the date. I don’t care who. I just need it to be changed to the current date so i can edit/update the list again.

It would be very nice @ndalby if you could take care of it and get someone to change the date.

Thank you very much! :+1:

Hi @yamyam, I can edit the TODO-List . Feel free to formulate as you write here this sussgestion in the TODO list :
Adding/Open an API to catch event or remotely command the eufcam system from a local system. (a smart home box for example).

I will also suggest another idea : Ability to setup the aperture of a camera. Sometime, the choice automatically done by the camera is not very good. Particulary inside when you want to have a room view with part of the picture containing a window where comes a heavy light.

About the API, I have also opened a topic An API to integrate in smarthome box.

Anker support reply me and hope the dev team will consider an availability in the near future.
Hope this near future will not be so long :thinking:

/push & /read: Suggestion For Eufy Cam Android OS App Widget

Kind of disappointed with the snooze feature. I was hoping it would actually snooze the camera for the set time, not just snooze notifications but still record.

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True, but hey, since when eufy checked what we said, wanted, asked for or recommended?!

They do not even get it done to make me able to update/edit the TODO List since months(!)

100% ignoration and hush up. More questions?!

Hey @yamyam, I’ve changed the timestamp to enable you to keep editing this post.



  1. Thanks. This only needed 2 months(!) to do?! Wow. At least i am able to edit and update it again. If it alyways takes you months to reactm this will be a quite lame and boring thread in the future. :crazy_face: Thanks anyway. But if you give this “feature” back to your moderators like @ndalby i will get the timestamp updated quite faster in the feature :wink:

  2. As it takes months to make me able to update and update my TO-DO-List, and i am quite old and can`t remember all the updates and changes of the list after so long time, i am anyway not sure if it makes sense to continue this TO-DO-List … because of the current happenings about eufy cam 1 and upcoming eufy cam 2. As already beeing afraid of, i guess the development of eufy cam 1 is over and dead now. :sob:

So not only R.I.P. eufy cam 1, i would also say R.I.P. eufy cam 1 TO-DO-List.
Don’t see any reasons why i should invest any more lifetime in updating. Sorry. :worried:

  1. Uhmmmm … you really updated EVERY SINGLE POST in this thread to the current date, not only the first one?! :rofl: It hadd been enough to update only the first post, to make me able again to edit and update it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is there a new thread to follow? Thanks