Finally a PD PowerCore+!

Update: It is now back in stock!

Anker has just released a brand new portable charger. It is a PowerCore+ and has a capacity of 26800mAh. This time, it’s back with a new trick up its sleeve, which also happens to be its main selling point. The USB-C port (which is used for input and output) supports Power Delivery compatibility. This, along with 30W of power, allows it to charge a 2015/2016 MacBook at full speed! The new 2016 MacBook Pros will also work with this charger; they just won’t charge as fast. The device also recharges very fast… What’s more?

This new premium portable charger comes bundled with a wall charger, as well (allowing it to quickly recharge). The funny thing is, the USB charger is actually less speedy than the portable one. Coming in at 27W, the PD charger is 3W less powerful than the PowerCore+ 26800 PD.

If you order now on Amazon, you can receive this product as soon as June 2 for $99.99.

I also had a question for you all: What is Anker’s most powerful charger. It can be one of their portable chargers, USB (wall) chargers, or car chargers. I’m very curious. Thanks in advance, and have a nice day!


Do you have a link? oh why yes I do… :joy:

Oops! I totally forgot about that!

Also there’s a new red color for the PowerCore 5000 on Amazon.

So you mean the unavailable one?

The price is silly high.

My Powercore 26800, I got for $30 recharges in 6 hours via 20W input (2 x 2A x 5V) . To pay $99 to get the combo to reduce recharge to 4.8 hours…

I have a couple of trips during May I’m likely moving with my Google Pixel C, one of the trips I expect I’m near wall sockets so likely take an extension cord and my Powerport4 and my Powercore 10000, the other trip I’m expecting to NOT be near wall sockets so I’m taking my Powercore 26800, no extension cord, and my Powerport 5.

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Seems you were late to the show, when I posted the link, it was available for $99 with $3.99 shipping. Maybe they were all snagged.

$99 not worthwhile. I have a $30 Powercore 26800 plenty of life left, the dual input so 20W its not that much worse than 27W input, in my mind.

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A couple have recently, the SoundBuds Digital IE10 come to mind (still mean to post my review) but hopefully with feedback vs sales they might bring them within a better price margin…

yep like the turbo is now $30

Can’t even charge a 2016 MacBook Pro

I have had laptops since 1995.

I now buy systems, I think the laptop plus its charger plus portable power, and buy these together and only together. Actually the most important is the charger, because carrying two types is a whole lot of cord.

Anker’s biggest gap is in a unified Wattage shared between all ports in a multi-port charger. They have not to my mind made one.

So what that means is I’m currently tied to a Google Pixel C as my portable laptop but it works really well with practically all of Anker’s current products which cost me about $20-$30.

back in stock

Good to know.

But that price…

I accept it is a portable charger and a charger, but still.

For me, once my Pixel C outgrows my needs, I’ll probably be getting a USB-C PD laptop, and then most of my needs remain not met by Anker. The primary problem is a true electronic merger in power input to all of the output of a multi-port USB-PD and USB non-PD set of ports. This fundamentally, the lack of this, is a core problem with Anker right now. You are going to carry that supplied USB-PD charger AND a non-USB-PD charger? You are going to carry a USB-PD charger and say a Powerport4? The chargers are where decidedly mediocre innovation is showing.

The Powercore+ 26800, I’m less concerned with, you have a safety upper limit of recharging which you either ignore or “do a Samsung”. The recharge speed problem still remains for all including Anker and its a safety issue.



What exactly are you waiting for?

Came across this review of the PowerCore+ 26800 PD on Amazon. Thought the part about the incompatible cables was interesting. Not sure what he meant by QC… Quick Charge possibly?

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That sentence reads to me as “QC” = “Quality Control”


Yep Quality Control. Afterall he complained about his item arriving broken.

I’m an idiot.

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Happens to the best of us bud. Its all good.

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Can anyone explain to me where this item went on the website? You cannot find this item in the “High Capacity Portable Chargers” section…unless I am blind.

I see it on Amazon

But I can’t see on Anker.

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